My First DIY Product Shoot Gig at Candiez Cafe

I’ve been experimenting with many things that can be easily done in a low-cost production. I want to turn on the point that I can provide stunning shots without investing those expensive tools such as DSLR or mirrorless camera, studio lights, and a spread background for a studio shoot. Well, I found cheap equipment for me to able to provide good product shots.

Is it possible to make a product shoot in your own ways? Absolutely, yes! Everything that you need can be found in your home or can be purchased in the department store.

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So here are the cheaper materials for your DIY product shots. Make sure you have to list it down.

1.) Cartolina or Postcards (28.5 x 22.5 inches)

You can select different colors of cartolina or postcard in school and office supplies. You can use the cartolina as your backdrop for a product shoot. Just make sure that the cartolina is in the right place. The best way to make it as a real studio background is to put it on a wall.


2.) Ring Light, Smartphone Torchlight, or a Table Lamp

Studio lighting equipment is very expensive and it can be used for professional photo shoots. Well, you can provide good quality shots without investing that lighting equipment. How about Ring Light, Smartphone Torchlight, or a Table Lamp? In my own DIY product shot, I used smartphone torchlight when I go to coffee shops, restaurants, and events. I used Ring Light for a bounce-back effect and for hiding shadows in the product. In my mini studio, I used my Table Lamp as the main light source and the ring light or smartphone torchlight for secondary lighting.

3.) Decorations

You use different decorations that available only in your households like the things that you’ve seen in your living room, or colored paper for a crafty style of decorations. Just put at least 3 elements for decoration. Too many decorations can add a clutter effect on your overall product shoot. Just keep it simple and the main product must be pop-out on the photo.

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4.) Your Camera

Lastly, your camera phone is the most important equipment for a product shoot. You can be creative in taking good photos and don’t limit your frames. I used to take many photos until I satisfied. Then I need to scan and review all the taken photos for quality checking.

I think the best tips for achieving a professional-like product shoot are to make it clean and simple, make a right light position, and of course the proper way of your camera angle. Just do it as a hobby for you to learn and discover new ways.


Dragon Fruit Smoothie 

A tasty and healthy drink that suits your lifestyle. Dragon fruit or Pitaya is a tropical fruit known for its vibrant red skin and sweet, seed-speckled pulp, and it looks like a Dragon skin when you see it.  Dragon fruit is a rich source of fiber, protein, vitamin C and E, Iron and Magnesium. It is the best selling drink in Candiez Cafe. Try it now for only Php 170.00.

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 Enjoy the 99 pesos brunch experience!

 Alexis Pesto Pork

A sizzling pork topped with flavorful butter and spices. Enjoy it while hot.

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Candiez Carbonara Pasta

A creamy and meaty carbonara pasta that surely satisfy your cravings.

2018-08-24 06.44.14 2

Chicken and Chips

Chicken and Chips are your gastronomic friends. Try the crunchy and tasty fried chicken and fries in one plate.


2018-08-24 06.48.44 2

Celebrate your day at Candiez Cafe! Try them all!

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I am grateful that Candiez Cafe let me play around their products in a creative photo shoot. This is my first gig outside in my mini studio. I finally made it for them and I am very confident that I can do much DIY product shoot in different restaurants and cafes in Cebu.

Candiez Cafe is located at Northpark Building, U.N. Avenue, Mandaue City, Cebu (at the back of Maayo Medical). For additional info, you can check my previous blog on this link at

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It was an experimental project for promoting a brand or a product in a photography format. I am looking forward to having future invitations or a possible collaboration. If you’re interested in collaborating with me, please check my contacts at the contact section, or leave your comments on the box below.


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