Hi! I'm Aldrin Suan, the creator behind The Aldrincore. 


I am a Senior Graphics Designer, leading the way in creative endeavors during the day and transforming into a Digital Illustrator by night. Alongside my professional role, I maintain a personal and style blog where I showcase my work and collaborate with other talented individuals.

A decade ago, I laid the foundation for my artistic journey with The Aldrincore, initially known as High Level Production. What began as a modest Facebook page dedicated to sharing my daily art has evolved into a self-managed art production platform. Through sketching, crafting compelling storylines, and spearheading artistic movements, I ventured into uncharted territories. At the time, I was a college student fueled by boundless ideas and an eagerness to explore the creative realm.

In 2016, my career as an illustrator gained momentum when I became a participant in CBTL’s Brew Your Best Year event, specifically during its Cebu leg. This marked a turning point, opening doors to various small-scale projects. From joining the iLuvCebu Instameet to exhibiting my artwork in Sketchbook Challenge Cebu group shows and designubec exhibitions, I seized opportunities to collaborate with local businesses and fellow content creators.

Today, I channel my passion into crafting personal illustrations, capturing captivating self-portrait photography, and engaging in exciting content collaborations. My journey has been one of continuous growth, fueled by a resolute dedication to honing my craft.

Why I blog?

In March 2017, I embarked on a transformative journey when I joined the Cebu Blogging Community as an aspiring content creator, registering under the title of Art Blogger. Little did I know that this step would lead me to a profound sense of purpose and connection. It was within this vibrant community that I encountered Carlo Olano and Rome Nicolas, remarkable individuals who envisioned a new collective known as Cebu Content Creators. This innovative group served as a multi-platform, multi-channel network for Cebu’s digital content creators, encompassing blogs, videos, and social media content. I was fortunate to assume a leadership role as a prominent member and resident creative lead for this visionary initiative.

The doors that opened upon joining this blogging group were transformative. I found myself immersed in a world of opportunities, connecting with passionate business owners and visionary brands. Attending various press conferences and media briefings, I forged meaningful relationships with diverse PR agencies and talented individuals from talent agencies. It was through these encounters that I realized the immense potential of my creative skills in content creation. The ability to infuse authenticity and engagement into my work became my greatest asset, enabling me to deliver content that resonated deeply with the community. I recognized that this platform held the power to amplify the voices of those with the potential to make a profound difference in the lives of others.

Inspired by the wealth of experiences and connections fostered through my involvement in the blogging community, I continue to pour my heart and soul into creating content that is both meaningful and compassionate. Every piece I produce is a testament to my unwavering commitment to using my creative abilities to inspire, uplift, and empower others. It is through this shared journey of creativity and connection that we can truly make a positive impact on the world around us.