Bite Sweets at Candiez Café

We always serve sweets and delightful pastries in Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day or any special occasions because it is our tradition to celebrate where we get closer to our family and love ones. Celebrations can be easier because of many outlets for a special gathering such as cafes and restaurants. The good news is there’s another place to celebrate your special day and it is located at North Park Building in Mandaue City, Cebu. 


Candiez Café is the first Christian café in Mandaue City which you can see some reflecting and inspirational quotes inside the café. It is a good place to relax and indulge sweetness with your loved ones. The location is very accessible because it’s beside Maayo Medical & Maayo Hotel and it is nearby along the road going to Marcelo Fernan Bridge or the 2nd Mactan Bridge (UN Avenue).


The Space

Inside Candiez Café is not boring. You can see more vibrant colors on the interiors like walls, chairs, tables, and decorations. It is a perfect also to make your #OOTD goals and for your foodie shots. 


What To Eat?

You can choose any on their menu like cakes, pastries, and drinks. They also served all day breakfast, sandwiches, kinds of pasta and rice meals that make you indulge to bite more. Candiez Café is complete for your celebration needs.


Here are my personal favorites during my visit to Candiez Café:

1.) Walnut Brownie

Everyone loves to eat a chocolate brownie and it is fun to bite it slowly until the last bite. Their Walnut Brownie is different because it gives a terrific aftertaste in your mouth. Hopefully, you can try it and you can compare the difference to other brownies that you tasted.


2.) Strawberry Smoothie

I always love strawberry drinks wherever I go. I surprised that Candiez Café has Strawberry Smoothie and it was so good. I can taste the texture of strawberry fruit and the creamy yogurt. It is a perfect drink for everyone who loves yogurt as a healthy drink. I’m so very happy for its unique taste.


3.) Plates of Pasta

I tried Spicy Chorizo Sausage Pasta, Carbonara Pasta, and the Spanish Sardines Pasta. Both plates of pasta are so appetizing and it has a unique taste. Each serving can share up to 3 persons which it is pretty cool to share with your friends.


4.) Sugbo’s Best Spicy Chorizo

They serve also the Sugbo’s Best Spicy Chorizo which I really love.


5.) Alexel’s Pesto Pork Chop

It is not an ordinary Pork Chop because it is very special. The meat is soft and it has a savory aftertaste.


6.) Chicken Fillet and Chips

It is a perfect appetizer which you can enjoy for every bite and dip in a special mayo sauce.


Overall, I totally satisfied and hopefully, I can taste the other food on the menu.


Why We Visit Candiez Café

Candiez Café is very accessible for everyone, especially when you are in Mandaue City. Aside from that, the place was very relaxing and you can enjoy eating and talking with friends. The internet speed is excellent. The overall ambiance is great for relaxation.

Bring your friends, family or special someone at Candiez Café and try their food. For any occasion and gathering, you can choose more at Candiez Café.




February is love month and we celebrate Valentine’s Day. Spreading happiness and joy in Valentine’s Day is precious and meaningful. Well, I want to give away a 2 Gift Certificates worth Php 200 from Candiez Café. I will pick 1 (one) lucky winner for this two GCs so he/she can treat his/her “bae” on Valentine’s Day. Please stay tuned and I will post this giveaway perks on my Facebook page at 

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