Vlog Episode 6: AMcore Food Review at Pizza Republic Ayala Terraces Cebu

I think everyone loves Pizza right? Most of us have an indulgence for pizza. 

A Short Recap

Italy is the homeland of pizza. It was created about 600 B.C. in Naples, Italy as easy-to-eat food. The traditional pizza was made of yeasted flatbread and topped with modern ingredients such as cheese, tomatoes, oil, anchovies, garlic and some spices. Later, the concept of pizza was invaded in the whole Europe and across the globe. In the present, we have different flavors of pizza and the popular one is the Hawaiian flavor.

My Pizza Experience

My obsession in Pizza is really the most difficult habit that I can’t let go. I really love the Pepperoni and Hawaiian pizzas. Later I switched to Vegetarian and Tuna pizzas because I reduced my meat consumption.

Just recently I invited Wellbein Borja of Pergazine.com (also a Pizza lover) to have a pizza dinner at the Pizza Republic in Ayala Terraces Cebu. Wellbein and I have a review about the delicious pizza at Pizza Republic in Ayala Terraces Cebu. Since this is our first time to experience the Pizza Republic, we are very excited to say something about what we have tasted at Pizza Republic. This is my 6th video blog since February 2017 and this is my 1st AMcore Food Review. The previous vlog that I made was I reviewed the Ayer’s Lechon at SM Seaside but it was not an official food review.



For the next AMcore Food Review, I will be inviting some of my friends to make a review and also to say something about their ideas and promotions as well.

Wellbein Borja is a blogger of Pergazine.com and Food Authority Ph. He is a member of Cebu Blogging Community. Some of his blogs are into Food, Travel, and Lifestyle. Follow him on Instagram at @wellbeinb, and check his blogs at www.pergazine.com.


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