Great Insights Of Being An Illustrator

As we all know that an illustrator job is commonly translating visual ideas for book covers, editorials, and movie posters. Yes, it is true! The amazing part of being an illustrator is how things being translated into something different. Apart from this job, there are great insights about being an illustrator that everyone should know.

Good at visual communication. 

“Don’t judge the book by its cover, unless the book cover is amazing”

Sometimes we got attracted to buy books with amazing book covers because it might be good or interesting to read. It is a psychology of consumers to see a particular book that has good content and worth to read, so the first thing they want to consider is the book cover. The book cover sends a message to potential readers and it considers as an introduction of the content inside of the book. That’s why we got interested to buy books with stunning visual illustration on the cover because it might be matched to our interest and visual imagery needs when it comes to content. Mostly books that have stunning visuals are fiction and nonfiction graphic novels, history books, comics, storybooks for kids, and literal fiction. Some books need to have a proper visual direction like books for business, academics/teaching lessons, and practical books.

Good at visualizing extraordinary things. 

“A great power with a great responsibility”

We used to watch movies with incredible plot twists and visual effects. Similar to what illustrators do with making illustrations. We usually see the real world is plain and normal, but there are different worlds that illustrators can make. That’s why most comic books are successful because of the visuals and interpretations of stories and characters plus the background setups – a complete visual impact for readers. The visual story is not limited to comics. We can see a lot of mediums for visual stories such as movies, series, and even in an online platforms like YouTube and Games. Everything pops out by visual colors and effects and story dimensions. Being an illustrator is not just a technical job, it is a responsibility to interpret things for readers and movie fans. More people got engaged in visual things because of our developing society where the digital age is fully dominated in our daily lives. Everything is on digital right now. 

We want to express our personal thoughts

“Our expression really matters ”

Illustrators are not limited to a specific medium of art. We can see a lot of good watercolor paintings, mural art, and street stickers and these are the different mediums of art that we can express our thoughts and what we feel in this world. We get something to our emotions and we apply it to a specific art medium. Some illustrators use symbols as a hidden meaning or message of an artwork. For example “snakes” symbolizes envy and toxic feelings. Also, the color theory can help too to complete the whole imagery. For photography, the elements of good lighting and the emotions of the subject really matter to complete the image impact of the composition.

We are not just an illustrator

“Let our voices be heard”

Being an illustrator is not just a label of what we do for a living. We can be a chef, gardener, businessman, and other roles in the community that we can be. We have these incredible thoughts we can offer to the world and make a difference. We can bake a cake with stunning fondant shaped like a treehouse, we can paint pots inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night, and of course, we can make a coffee shop business with artsy mural arts.

Regardless of color, race, and social status, being an illustrator is equal, and we have different thoughts at one goal – illustrating out-of-this-world imagery. So funny to hear someone complaining that my commission rate is expensive. No hard feelings! hahaaaa..
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7 thoughts on “Great Insights Of Being An Illustrator

  1. Always love your thoughts about this all the time and I guess these things can also be associated with different fields pa in life. Been a fan of your arts for quite some time na. See you soon!! 😍😍😍

  2. One cannot buy creativity. Keep on doing what you love and people shouldn’t short change you for that. I like reading this article. It gives me better perspective to love art!

  3. This is so amazing to read. Somehow I was able to have a glimpse of the illustrator’s mind. I’ll always adore them not just because they’re creative, but the art and the message always stick to my mind because seeing the work also allow me to reflect on the real-world. I definitely agree that they’re good at visual communication. Keep up the good work.

  4. I always admire illustrators because they have the ability to match different colors and it still looks good. Ako I have been a fan of colors but I just can’t seem to match it real nice. Or maybe I’m just too perfectionist in what I do and I get frustrated for things that do not come to what it suppose to happen. Or maybe I’m not just a creative person in terms of color matching. hahaha poor me!

  5. This is so beautiful, bes. I love what you said in this blog around the lines that you should continue changing the world one illustration at a time, without losing your soul. Congrats, bes!

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