A Glistening Night at bai Hotel Cebu’s Grand Christmas Tree Lighting and Appreciation Night

Christmas is everywhere! We see a lot of Christmas decorations in some places like shopping malls, offices, hotels, and of course we started putting some fancy decorations to feel the essence of the holiday season. Aside from that, we can start planning our holiday getaway with family and friends. Yes, it is exciting to see when everybody is in their respective locations where they can celebrate Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. That’s why I’m excited to share with you a glimpse of their Christmas tree lighting event last November 21, 2019 – a Thursday evening with many guests on their glamorous outfit.

bai Hotel Cebu launches its grand Christmas Tree Lighting with the theme “A Glistening Night”. The event was even more special because bai Hotel Cebu celebrates its 2nd year anniversary. The concept and inspiration of their Christmas tree are all about their progressive shift as Cebu’s hospitality sector where they continue to provide a world-class hospitality service for local and foreign guests for 2 years. That’s why the Christmas tree decorations are themed with glistening crystals, white and silver elements and snowflakes which reminds me of the award-winning animated movie, Frozen.

Photo 21-11-2019, 8 16 35 AM
Photo 21-11-2019, 8 16 49 AM
Photo 21-11-2019, 8 18 32 AM

The night was extraordinary when the Lapu-lapu Grand Ballroom was opened. I experienced the winter feels of Holiday season with a “fog-ish” cold smoke effect scattered around the floor. The night was exciting when the food is served and we got some delectable comfort food at the center and both sides of the venue. We got some Roasted Turkey, Roasted Beef, some salami and cheese to match the red wine, and lots of sweets in the back area. We mostly watched the Appreciation Night with recognitions from their suppliers and partnered agencies.

Photo 21-11-2019, 8 48 16 AM
Photo 21-11-2019, 8 51 25 AM
Photo 21-11-2019, 8 52 05 AM
Photo 21-11-2019, 8 54 04 AM
Photo 21-11-2019, 9 29 44 AM
Photo 21-11-2019, 9 36 58 AM
Photo 21-11-2019, 9 47 34 AM
Photo 21-11-2019, 9 48 50 AM
Photo 21-11-2019, 9 57 30 AM
Photo 21-11-2019, 9 57 41 AM
Photo 21-11-2019, 10 27 35 AM
Photo 21-11-2019, 10 38 04 AM

bai Hotel Cebu will be your perfect place to celebrate the Christmas season. The area is located at the nearest Cebu’s business landmarks and amusements where every age can access to. Aside from landmarks, you can experience the breathtaking 360- degree view of Cebu at the Twilight Roofdeck Lounge + Bar and enjoy the rest of the night with festive food and drinks and a fireworks display. Reserve a room now and experience the one-of-a-kind staycation in Cebu. Enjoy your holiday with bai Hotel Cebu, Your Host In The South!

Photo 21-11-2019, 11 04 13 AM

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