What’s Your Color? Describe Your Personality Through Color Psychology

Each of us has favorite colors that perfectly describe our unique personality and mood as a human being. Sometimes color describes sexuality and behavior. We think ahead that pink describe for feminity and the blue associates to something masculine. Some colors use for signage such as traffic lights, precations, and authority. That’s why colors are broad in terms of communication and understanding. This time around, I’m gonna write about the color psychology that will describe different personalities.

The 9 Colors of Personality

The 9 Colors of Personality describe different characteristics, behavior, and mood as a human being. Each color has a unique personality that reflects who you are as a person. Aside from characteristics, you can identify your color as a brand that associates your personality and lifestyle. This also helps for those choosing the right color/s of their personal brand as a public figure and content creator – to complement your brand communication and visual identity.


Red describes a personality that always passionate and independent. This color also describes as the strongest personality of all the colors of Color Personality because it is symbolized as a good leader and always the center of attention. Other personalities described for this color are being optimistic, strong confidence, ambitious (in a positive way), and sensual. In Chinese tradition, red is a lucky color for prosperous life and fortune. In real life, being optimistic and independent makes you stronger in every obstacle and life challenges. You can pass all the hard times coming from you because you are confident and strong enough to face what the world brings. #LetsDoThis #YouCanDoThis


Orange describes a personality that always cheerful and happy. Similar to red, this color also describes as being optimistic when it comes to life challenges and the test of time. This kind of personality is all you need when you need someone to talk and give practical suggestions that really help you move on and let go. Sometimes orange describes as a risk-taker and adventurous. This kind of personality associates for being “go-with-the-flow” and getting ready for new adventures in life. #WhateverItTakes #GoWithTheFlow


Yellow describes a personality that relates to acquiring knowledge and intellect. This kind of personality perfectly describes someone that has full of knowledge and expertise as a person. Aside from that, this color associates for being hopeful, cheerful, enthusiastic, and informative. This color reminds us of someone who has good news and rumors about life stories. We see this color in road signages to communicate and give a warning for safety precautions. This color personality needs you to save your life and reliable to get information and new knowledge. This is your brainy friend who’s always top in the class.  #IHaveAHumor #IKnowThat


Green describes calmness and adversity that associates of being a good listener and making appropriate decisions in life. This kind of personality has a strong and weak side as a human being. This color psychology associate for someone who has a moral character that always follows rules and his/her consciousness or instinct to balance what is good or bad when it comes to decision making.  The bad sides of this color personality are being possessive when it comes to deciding things based on his/her emotions and thoughts (like a self-judgment) and of course being cautious. Compare to orange, the green personality afraid of taking the risk of being failed at the end because everything must be aligned on what he/she feels and think. Every life decision must be good and appropriate for his/her moral values. #IAmHereToListen #LetMeThinkItFirst


Blue describes someone who has a strong loyalty and idealistic as a person. This color psychology associates for trust, honesty, and calmness. We describe this color as masculine because of its boldness that perfectly describes for someone who has good guts, very active, and being independent all the time. This color has similarities to red and orange for being optimistic about life challenges, but the difference is blue can’t cheer you up and add some argument like a leader. This personality is not reliable when it comes to emotional support because all he/she needs is himself/herself to figure out and solve problems without asking for help. #ICanPassWithoutYourHelp #ImFineDude


Purple or Violet describes someone who has good spiritual beliefs and full of dreams of himself/herself and for others. Similar to orange, this color psychology brings positivity and vibrant when it comes to making ideas for others and good solutions. Most artists have this personality that useful to think deeper things and emotional state of creating artworks that really speak and catch your attention. Aside from that, this color psychology is relatable for someone who has a life philosophy that gives you more ideas about fulfilling your spiritual needs as a human being. The only bad side of this color psychology is being aloof meaning a kind of personality that not really sociable and waiting for someone to approach or to interact first.  #HelloWithSmile #IHaveAnIdea


Pink symbolizes compassion, nurture, softness, and love. This kind of color psychology describes someone that always nurtures love, sweetness, and lots to offer like a close friend. Aside from that, this color is gentle like pure love. It is similar traits to our mother that always caring for her family and for other people – very welcoming energy. The bad sides of this color psychology are being selfless and naive. It is not good to abuse someone who has been selfless and powerless, but the strongest trait for this color psychology is for being forgiven. It is important to be genuine and easy to forgive someone. At the end of the day, there’s nothing wrong with forgiveness. For this color psychology, always choose the right people. Pink is always used for women empowerment campaigns and advocacy for Women’s rights and Breast Cancer awareness. In this modern time, pink is rising as a strong color to raise a movement for equality and respect for women.  #UnconditionalLove #WomanPower


White describes someone who has wisdom, pureness, and a state of being a perfectionist. This kind of color psychology describes someone who is changing and rebirth of a new self. This color also associates for having the traits from the color psychology, meaning he or she has an equal balance of different traits and aspects in life. If you have this color psychology, you can imprint your ability to stabilize things from challenges, decisions, and obstacles. Being neutral is one of the unique traits of this color, but the negative side of this characteristic is the ability to “play safe” in all circumstances. There are times the white color can be good when it comes to isolating from being stressed about different challenges in life. Setting up distance from different problems sounds unrealistic, but it is a good way to move on and open for a new life chapter. #Let’sMoveOn #IAgreeOnBothSides


Black describes someone who is mysterious and has secrets in life. This kind of color psychology associates of having external emotional stress due to different challenges in life. It is the contradictory character of the white color, which it is not able to succeed wisdom and perfection. This color also describes having inner insecurities and lack of confidence. Despite the fact that this color interprets as dark and mysterious, it also accentuates the darker side into something sophisticated and elegance like different positive energy character. Like the red color, black is also seductive and dominant by manipulating it and take control. This kind of character can be intimidating and interprets as the pessimist persona. The bad sides of this color psychology are being serious, conservative, and negative. We usually interpret this color for someone is bad or the black sheep of the family. We can be the black color on a real-life basis that we have to pretend that we are okay, but deep inside is we’re hurting so much from the pain. We able to manipulate our feelings to others, so we can move forward and forget those burdens in the meantime. #LeaveMeAlone #DontWorryImOkay

In my opinion, color psychology is not accurate for telling people of who they are based on what we see and feel to them. Creating false judgment cannot guarantee to identify someone’s characteristics. Let’s start by judging ourselves and focus on the things that matter to us. We have different characteristics that make us stand out. Picking our favorite color doesn’t mean to our characters. Through this color psychology, we can identify which color is best for you. You can try the color psychology test by check on this link.

In this modern time, society is now open to any colors and differences because of our changing times that being unique is now okay and acceptable. Diversity is the main reason why we can move forward without hesitation and fear. If you’re different today, you are awesome!

Reference: https://my-personality-test.com/true-colours

7 thoughts on “What’s Your Color? Describe Your Personality Through Color Psychology

  1. Super agree with color red and orange that’s why they were my choices for last year’s BCBA OOTD 😂😂 Was kinda looking for brown pero murag wala sya diri. White is also so nice!! And very minimalist pud kaayo shag peg and so neat. 🙌🏻 will try the test nya later 🤩🤩

  2. I love these color personality! I took a color personality test before and it pointed me to green! Well, maybe because green is the color of nature that it depicts calmness and balance. I admire this color as well but I am into purple and black. Well, I guess, we change in the long and so does our color preference… =)

  3. I have a huge collection of colored pens hanging around the house. I am a sucker of colors because I love them. I used to have a color wheel palette, which I have gotten from buying a huge amount of paint during the construction of our house here in Cebu. But I lost it somewhere. I tried looking for one but they are quite expensive. Aldrin, you’re a witness of my sucker of color pens. Hahaha. I love this article. I love reading it. I am hoping to have more of like this in the future since I can’t draw. So, I turn my attention to color pairing to salvage my unskillful self. If you’re wondering why my blog logos have colors red, blue and black, well, that explains everything. They have meanings and I stick to them for my goals in writing.

  4. Thank you for this Aldrin. I shared it to my sisters, it’s fun to know the meaning of your favorite color. I don’t have a favorite color though but I always appreciate black and blue! I guess, that’s my favorite colors na. hahaha!

  5. My favorite color changes over time. Currently, it’s orange. It’s great to learn what personality is being desribed by these colors that can help relay message.

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