VLOG 4: D.I.Y. Origami Art Challenge at

Origami is a paper folding art which originally from Japanese culture. Origami art is usually done with many folding techniques that can be done by forming it into different forms and shapes including animals. The famous origami art form is Crane. In the Philippines, we practiced making our own version of origami art by forming a boat or an airplane. I remembered about my origami art experience last year 2000, way back in my elementary days, when I was able to create an origami art and I formed it like a boat. And then I put it in a pond or a water drainage to see it as a realistic boat floating on the water. Sounds weird di ba! Hahaaaa

In my fourth video blog, I picked four types of origami art and I served it as an art challenge with my brother (not a sibling) Gino Montesclaros Cabrera. I downloaded the four origami art exercises from Google Images. The origami art challenge that I made has different levels; the Cat face is the easiest, the second is Dog, third is Fox, and the hardest one is the Elephant.

Before we proceed to art challenge, we ate at Ayer’s Lechon at SM Seaside. We ordered Chicken Proven, and I was curious about it because I just recently heard about this food and I saw some photos of Chicken Proven in Facebook. One of my friends has a good feedback about it and I think I should try the Chicken Proven. The Ayer’s Palabok was really good! You should try it.

The whole art challenge that we filmed is in the video. I hope you will enjoy and learn. I will provide another video of step by step Origami Art folding techniques.


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