Top 5 Reasons Why Graphic Design Is Awesome As Career And Hobby

Everything has solutions when it comes to rearrange your mess.

In my previous blog, I mentioned a lot of things that can affect the productivity of a Graphic Designer. It was a long state battle to conclude the other circumstances for having a bad day as a Graphic Designer by profession. But I’m always open to any suggestion or contradiction about those blog post and I’m always ready for any results.

Anyways, I am very excited to share another TOP 5 on my list which I want to discuss the happy side of being a Graphic Designer and also to explain you more about Graphic Design as profession and hobby.

Before that, I have one question for you.

Are you happy with your current profession? 

People on this planet has different professions as a personal choice that can help them grow and learn until they retired soon. Some people chose to become a doctor to help the community and aid the illnesses. Others chose to become a teacher to teach specific studies for young generation as an advocate to share knowledge for the future. All of us have different choices in life indeed.

If you’re not happy with your current job or career in life, it’s about time to switch and discover Graphic Designing as your new hobby and profession. In this modern time, you can see a lot of digital ads from smartphone to a large form advertisement like billboards and LED Signages and Graphic Design is in demand for the market through advertising. Aside from that, Graphic Design is wide for any type of market because people nowadays are into visual stories and they want portraits and colors to convince them to buy specific products.


So here are my TOP 5 Reasons Why Graphic Design Is Awesome As Career And Hobby.


1.) It gives you more opportunities to work with marketers and advertisers.

Advertisers and Marketers need to have an assistant to create their visions on a specific ad campaign. By the help of Graphic Designer, their visions can easily interpret through mockups, prototypes, and design templates. It is fun working with Marketing Department when it comes to brainstorming for seasonal ad campaigns which can help you also to visualize more and makes you competitive in a long run.


2.) It makes you stronger to think fast.

Graphic Designer is not all about basic layouts and colors, but also it has a story which interprets to a shape, movement, and pattern as basic principles. Creating studies can lead you to interpret your visualization in specific graphic design projects. This technique is very effective to practice your Creative Direction that can compare to a Film director which simplifies the sequence of stories and create a stunning frame for the eyes of many people. Creative Direction has an important role in Graphic Designing.


3.) You can sell your digital artworks. 

There are a lot of online stores that offer templates and prints like business packages, digital prints, and illustrations for book covers. Graphics Designing can earn you more if you want to sell your personal works for businesses online. Just create your own eCommerce website and start selling now. I’m sure you have buyers worldwide. Just keep promoting your stuff and compete with the existing online shops.


4.) You can be YOU as your unique personality. 

Graphic Designers has different personalities and characters. The weirder you are the better you gain a respect from others. Don’t be anxious about yourself to be unaccepted to others. In this type of industry, it’s cool to be who you are because it is your comfort zone. Working in a corporate world is good, but there are instances to hide your artistic character because of certain policies and prescribed look in the company. Luckily I worked for a company that accepts employee for having a tattoo, body piercing, and colored hair as well. Well, the style and personality is not the test to see you as a Graphic Designer. You must have the skills and portfolio in able to achieve the unique lifestyle of a Rockstar Graphic Designer. Rock N Roll!


5.) It brings you to a wonderful community through sharing art and thoughts.

There are groups and communities which gather Graphic Designers in different industries. In Cebu, I joined Sketchbook Challenge Cebu and Designubec which I able to participate their exhibits since 2016. Aside from that, I joined CebuXD which offers free seminars for UI/UX Designers to become competitive in UX Designing as career and hobby. I also joined Dribble Cebu Meetup which they hosted an annual event for fellow Cebu-based Designers.


If you are a designer and you wanted to share your personal thoughts and incredible experience in Graphics Design as a career or a hobby, please comment down below and let’s discuss it.

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