The Academy for Creativity

I attended the conference and open table discussion for the launch of Draft Academy Henry Hotel Campus at Banilad, Cebu City. The conference was started around 10 o’clock in the morning at Rica’s Café at the ground level of The Henry Hotel.


My Experience in The Henry Hotel.

It was my first time to see a unique hotel lobby that is not usual look from other hotels in Cebu. It feels like I visited an 80’s and 90’s theme art and film studio. Most of the displays are into vintage stuff like old furniture, pop art paintings in the wall, miniature vintage cars, old luggage and much more. I looked around in the lobby and took many pictures on my phone for my room ideas.


During the Conference

The Draft Academy Team discussed their curriculum in the Visual Design program and followed by certain questions from the media. It was a privilege to ask some questions regarding on the program including the traditional painting and visual merchandising display in the mall. I gained a lot of information and they answered my questions directly. I informed about their partnerships with other companies and their goal for aiming more talented Cebuanos to become more advanced and competitive in the digital design industry. Draft Academy has CSR programs “Draft Talk” every Saturday of February for those people who invested in design. The free talk activity is started with different types of creativity including posters, copywriting, graphics design, illustration, motion graphics and digital painting.

It was a privilege to meet Sir John Henry Delfino and Sir Joey Suaco who are the people behind the Draft Academy. I followed Sir Henry’s works before way back 2015 and I was influenced by his style of branding and creating advertising campaigns. The best campaigns that he made was the DU30 campaign that held in Cebu last year during the campaign period of the presidential election and later his campaign design became trend mostly to some vehicles by putting DU30 stickers at the back of their car.

We tour at the second floor where the Draft Academy is located. The facility made me WOW! because of being so classy and modern. I saw many paintings on the wall and a real vintage car at the center. They have the one of a kind visual design laboratory and they really nailed it. For me, Draft Academy has a unique taste and bringing a good motivation for their students to learn about visual design. As a designer, I really wanted to experience the curriculum at Draft Academy. I wanted to study visual design again but I need to settle my time for art blogging and freelance works. If given a free time to study again, WHY NOT?

I would like to say thank you to Sir Enrique San Juan, PR Manager of Draft Academy, for inviting me. It was a great experience and I learned a lot from your school.



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