Radiofrequency As Body Fat Burner, Is It Safe?

Radio Frequency treatment is a procedure that uses a radio frequency to heat the fat without physical contact or a medical operation. Radio Frequency method is also known as “Non-surgical Lipo/Fat Reduction”, as a safe and effective method for improving skin and body shape and decreasing subcutaneous fat that mostly found in the abdomen and thighs. Nowadays, there are various skin and beauty clinics that offer this kind of service at affordable rates. In some other clinic provides different methods in performing Radio Frequency treatment.

Is It Safe?

In my research, there are lots of positive reviews about the Radio Frequency treatment as a fat burner and also for the cosmetic side. The method of radiofrequency also used for treating cellulite due to skin collagen remodeling due to skin aging and lack of elasticity. Through this method, it showed significant improvement in skin appearance and radiance. That’s why some women preferred the method of radiofrequency rather than having a major skin operation. It is also beneficial for those who want to burn fats faster. This method can be more effective if you maintain the habit of doing exercise regularly and following strict diet plans.

In my own case, I need to undergo this kind of method because I only have a few hours for my physical activities every week. Being a workaholic, I only have 3 hours of free time for something and I want to allocate that slot for my physical activities. I can’t predict if it is an exact 3 hours of my physical movement because of unexpected revisions from clients. So I need to take a radiofrequency treatment to lessen some fats in my abdomen area. Luckily I found a reliable and trusted facial and slimming center in my hometown recently.

Skin 911 Facial and Slimming Center

I am curious about skin clinics in Cebu and I don’t have a plan to visit or consult something. Until I realized that I have some insecurities in my body lately, plus this pandemic made us stuck with lots of temptation at home and it was food. So my body appearance was totally changed this time of the pandemic. So I gained lots of fats in my tummy and I could notice it whenever I see myself in the mirror. “Oh, my bumps are getting bigger!”. So I finally made a decision to consult and seek help from a reliable facial and slimming center, the Skin 911.

This is the Skin 911 Facial and Slimming Center in South Town Centre, Bulacao, Talisay City, Cebu.


Skin 911 is the leading facial and slimming center in Cebu that offers various products and services from facial, non-surgical beauty procedures, lasers, cosmetic tattoos, permanent hair removal, beauty products, and more. Skin 911 is now expanding its horizons by incorporating natural and organic beauty remedies to its current brands of products and services. Aside from providing quality services and products, they also have affordable and reasonable rates that everyone can experience and achieve a new glow. At Skin 911, you can achieve the best in you. Skin911 for your skin emergency needs anytime. “EVERY FILIPINO DESERVES TO BE BEAUTIFUL”.

My Radiofrequency Treatment Experience at Skin 911

To be honest, I am curious, excited, and scared about my first RF treatment at Skin 911. The treatment was lasted for about 30 minutes. The therapist/personnel was very accommodating and she discussed the procedures and checked me if I am okay. So it was kind of tiny weird sensations in my tummy area during the period of the treatment. It feels like having a bunch of plastic boxes in my tummy and each of them was vibrating like a phone in a vibration mode, but not consistent. Maybe it is a typical reaction because of having these fats in my belly. Later on, it was kind of relaxing and there are no vibrations in the middle of the treatment procedure.



The Radiofrequency treatment is good for 11 sessions and I need 10 more to finish the entire producer. So I am excited about my next session and I can’t wait to see the better results and have this new shape of mine in the future. Meanwhile, I have to avoid cold drinks and just be consistent in my physical activities and strict diet plans.

If you plan to get one of their services, check the following posters below.





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  1. I have tried RF and it’s very effective and very safe l. Though it vibrates but it does not have bad effects for our health.

  2. Same, I gained lots of fats this year and almost no time for exercise. I’m glad to learn their products and services. I think it will be pretty exciting to try it myself too.

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