Let’s Summer at Havaianas Store in Ayala Malls Central Bloc

I think I’m not the only one who has ultimate plans for 2020. Some of us put travel in the summer season as one of the goals next year. We can’t wait to wear our favorite summer outfit (yes, the floral prints) summer trunks or bikinis, sunnies, and of course a colorful pair of slippers for a great trip on sunny weather and sparkling beach with white sand. It sounds so exciting, right?

So great to be part of the opening of Havaianas’ first store in Ayala Malls Central Bloc last December 6, 2019, and it was my first invite from Bigseed Public Relations & Events. It was nice to see some of the colorful and stylish pairs and new collections inside the store, which I was so excited to see. Aside from that, I also experienced a great shopping vibe when I had a chance to get my own Rio Pair with 2 complimentary pins for FREE. It was great to see lucky customers who got a treat from Havaianas because of there opening promo of giving away special gifts like water bottles, button pins, and notebooks when they spend Php 500 pesos.

Photo 08-12-2019, 1 23 26 PM
Photo 08-12-2019, 1 24 31 PM
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Photo 08-12-2019, 1 25 16 PM
Photo 08-12-2019, 1 26 00 PM
Photo 08-12-2019, 1 22 56 PM
Photo 07-12-2019, 6 13 12 AM

Why I love Havaianas Rio Pair?

1.) The Rio Pair is comfortable to wear similar to other Havaianas pairs. It is sleek, not so heavy, and stylish – perfect for beach vacations.

2.) The print is very classic. As a designer, I got impressed by the design and shoppers can choose different strap colors. So I chose blue as the color of the year for 2020.

3.) When you purchase Rio Pair, you will get 2 complimentary pins and you can choose from their 15 customized pins.

Photo 07-12-2019, 5 25 50 AM
Photo 07-12-2019, 5 12 17 AM
Photo 07-12-2019, 5 26 54 AM

If you’re planning to buy new pairs for your beach outing next year, the Havaianas store is always available. Just visit their store now and get your perfect pairs for your ultimate #TravelGoals.

For more info, follow @havaianasphils on Twitter and @havaianasphilippines on Instagram, and like their Facebook page, Havaianas Philippines. You may visit their official website at www.havaianas.ph


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  1. Marco Yambao Avatar

    The Rio is so lovely!! Probably should get myself one soon!! 😍😍💯

    1. Aldrin Suan Avatar

      Yaayyy.. Grab your own Rio Pair na! 😍😍💯

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