It’s Nice To Be Back At Rai Rai Ken Restaurant

There’s a Japanese restaurant in Cebu where you can experience the high-class and traditional Japanese cuisine with a twist of Filipino flavors and that is Rai Rai Ken. I’m always home where I want to go to Rai Rai Ken and eat their dishes. The most exciting part of Rai Rai Ken in SM City Cebu was they able to change the look of their restaurant which millennials can impress and in love as well.



It seems that Rai Rai Ken was closed for weeks for a quick renovation of their restaurant at SM City Cebu. The long wait is over and I finally experience the new Rai Rai Ken at SM City Cebu and officially reopened last January 27, 2018.


The New Look

I want to share this personal observation on Rai Rai Ken’s new restaurant interiors and theme.

1.) Good Lighting


We always wanted to have nice photos in our food flatlay or macro shots through good lightings inside the store. Rai Rai Ken improved their lighting setup which everyone can easily shoot photos on their food or we called “Food Porn Goals”. As what I observed, yellowish white lightings can add an appealing look and vibrancy in food photography.

2.) Themed Wall Art



Since it was cool to shoot something great in our Instagram profile when it comes to making a better feed, Rai Rai Ken also developed their walls in Japanese inspired designs like sea waves and cherry blossoms. Aside from that, they used geometric and vertical woods to create an imperial style of wall. 

3.) A Japanese Mini Store inside the Restaurant


A Japanese store inside the Restaurant? It sounds so amusing and interesting. Well, it is an area for restaurant waiters and waitresses to get something for their customers such as food, drinks, utensils and other customer’s request. Adding the Japanese lanterns each side was amazing as well.

What I Like To Eat

Rai Rai Ken has a variety of Japanese cuisine which everyone can experience a one of a kind taste of Japanese inspired dishes. I preferred to order a meal which satisfied with my taste buds. That’s why I love to eat Bento at Rai Rai Ken. I also love their California Maki, Chicken Don, Gyudon, and Miso Soup.



You can enjoy Rai Rai Ken and it feeds your hungry soul to achieve a satisfaction with your cravings at affordable prices.


What I totally love in Rai Rai Ken

Rai Rai Ken has many offers for their customers. The quality of their service was great and it can create a good relationship with their customers. A good relationship comes to a good service and a quality service comes to happy vibes which it can create an infinite impact on your consumers or visitors.  That’s why I’m always home at Rai Rai Ken. Come home and dine at Rai Rai Ken Restaurant.


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