Influencity: Cebu’s Grandest Event of Local Content Creators

We are aware of the social media age where we can see a lot of inspirations from various people like content creators and social media personalities and we inspire to read their articles. For the local scene, Cebu has a handful of these influencers that have contributed in shaping the internet world, particularly in social media and online publishing networks, which can gain more opportunities for aspirant content creators that can create a positive change for the community.



Influencity is bringing these content creators together this upcoming August 11 & 12 at Ayala Center Cebu through an event where local influencers from Cebu get a chance to meet their followers or readers and share with their best online practices. The readers and followers can drop by any of the influencers’ booth where they can ask them for tips and tricks, and check out and buy their preloved items at bargain tags.

Snaps during the Influencity Press Conference at TGI Fridays last July 30, 2018.


Event co-presentor Huawei is bringing in one of country’s top Youtuber Raiza Contawi. A must-go for beauty enthusiasts to pick up cues and points from Raiza’s makeup tutorial. Also, Davin Guison and Vina Guerrero, the country’s top influencer’s, will also have their booths at the bazaar, where their followers can meet up with them and buy their preloved items.

Influencity aims to promote local camaraderie among the influencers that can create an avenue for them to meet up with their followers to share their expertise in content creation in a fun and casual way. The event is open for everyone including bargain hunters, beauty aficionados and even students who are curious to know how to properly use social media as an effective tool for personal campaign and awareness.


Facebook Coverv Photo_influencity background

This is the first Influencity event managed by Clover Creative Public Relations & Events.

See you these August 11 & 12 at Ayala Center Cebu Activity Center.




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