Creative Summer Workshops at Draft Academy

Are you looking for summer workshops that can increase your potential in making art and design? I have a good news for you. At Draft Academy, you can empower your creative skills to a pro level this summer season.


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Draft Academy School of Design offers various workshops for everyone who wants to have a creative hobby this summer. The summer workshop is categorized by different programs; Flash Animation, Photography, Digital Painting, Illustrator (Vector Graphic Design), Photoshop (Rasterized Graphic Design) and many more.

Adobe Flash Animation Workshop

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If you are interested to learn about Fash Animation, it is your time to learn the principles of Flash Animation. Adobe Flash Animation is a desktop application or a tool for creating a media platform using the combination of computer graphics, video, audio, and motion controls. Through this workshop, you can produce your own animation through your story sequence and concept. Aside from that, you can learn to direct your own story scene just like directing films for Disney animation.

Autodesk Maya Workshop

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Be like a 3D Animator this summer. Learn to create 3D modeling and animation using Autodesk Maya. It is an incredible feeling to create your own photorealistic character. It is your time to learn it at Draft Academy.

Basic Photography Workshop

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For this workshop, you can learn the basic photography skills and concepts of taking good photos. Nowadays photography is one of the top interest for millennials because of social media trends to make interesting feeds for Instagram and other social media sites.  Aside from that, you can learn the techniques of proper framing and tonal range.

Digital Painting Summer Class

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If you are interested to learn about painting in digital form, this workshop is for you. Learn how to make conceptual art through digital painting using the different techniques such as light to shadows, depth, color theory, story concept, and visual composition.  You can play around using Photoshop brushes and level up your creative visuals. This workshop requires you to bring your own drawing tablet.

Adobe Illustrator Workshop (Vector Graphic Design)

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Illustration art/design is my biggest interest as an artist/designer because I started making illustrations for almost 2 years and I made milestones because of making squared illustrations on my Instagram feed and personal blog. Like me, you can create your own illustration this summer. This workshop can help you understand and learn about Adobe Illustrator and making vector graphic designs. You can create your own vector illustrations, traced artwork, infographics, and layout drawing in vector art style.

Adobe Photoshop Summer Workshop

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For this workshop, you can learn how to edit pictures, develop graphic designs, effects, and graphic elements composition using Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop is a powerful creative tool to enhance your skills in designing. You can manipulate photos into an extreme and stunning look.

Schedule of Summer Workshops

Batch 1 – April 2018

Batch 2 – May 2018

Mondays | Wednesdays | Fridays – 2 PM to 5 PM.

Aside from that, Draft Academy opens EVERYTHINK Art Summer Workshop for kids. Bring your kids and start their creative journey this summer at Draft Academy. Kids can create their artworks using coloring paints and paintbrushes to improve their art skills and exercise their creative thinking. Aside from painting, they can learn other activities like molding clays and paper crafting. Enroll your kids now at Draft Academy and let their summer days more enjoyable and interesting through arts and crafts.

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For inquiries, you may contact Draft Academy at (032) 514-2104 or 0915 878 4265. You may send an email at Visit their official website at or their social media accounts.


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