Coffeeteria: A New Coffee Experience For Yah (You)!

I stopped consuming coffee for a while since 2016 as a piece of advice from my doctor due to my Anxiety Disorder. From that moment, I went to a very deep self-contemplation about life events on how to easily let go of my coffee routine since college days. I usually drink coffee when I’m feeling sleepy or need to focus on something. I never had a single day without a cup of coffee because it was part of my success in studies, research and project work. I prefer instant coffee and brewed coffee with creamer and sugar when I’m studying Fine Arts at Cebu Institute of Technology – University way back 2010. When I started working as a Graphic Designer, I usually consumed brewed coffee from fast-food chains and I’m an avid fan of coffee latte, frappe, and iced coffee before from famous coffee shops in Cebu. Until such time it gave me negative effects on my body and worsen my illness. After 3 years, I’m still cautious about coffee products and I start drinking coffee in some quiet time at a minimum level (half cup of coffee with cream and sugar).

I still missed having a great time with coffee and it was my greatest sentiment when I’m having a free time to relax.  There are lots of coffee shops in Cebu that serve delectable and specialty coffee either in hot or cold servings. I visited most of the nearby branches in town before. I’m still curious about other coffee shops around Cebu and it was hard to ask the best one. Luckily I found a new coffee shop in Talamban that surely you will explore too.


The Coffeteria Experience

Coffeeteria is a new coffee shop in Talamban, Cebu that serves specialty coffee drinks straight to your table. They also serve non-caffeinated drinks, tea and comfort food to complete your experience inside the homey coffee shop. It was great to meet the staff there and ask something about their products and services. Speaking of services, they also offer a Coffee class for those who want to learn how to brew a coffee.

Just bring a friend for free. It’s just a Buy 1, Free 1. The promo code is valid until July 31, 2019. You must register and enjoy the discount with your friend. You may share the promo code and start learning coffee with your friends and family. It would be a great coffee learning as a group #CoffeeGroupGoals!


My Coffee Class Experience

It was a great experience to try out the coffee class of Coffeteria last July 13, 2019, with my fellow coffee classmates. It was a fun and challenging coffee class for us because of the certain steps and correct procedures to make a perfect espresso and latte coffee in our own way. We also learned about Arabica and Robusta coffee beans and how it produced from long hours of roasting and resting stage.

One of the baristas taught us how to start the coffee bean grinder and espresso maker machine. First, he explained the basic procedures on how to run the machines and the proper handling of machines, especially on the specific areas where to clean. A great coffee drink must have clean machines to produce a high-quality espresso.

I can’t explain the full details on how to make espresso, so you can try it for yourself. The hardest part of the coffee class was to make a latte, which you need to focus on the part where you put the steamed milk to espresso. I expected to make a good latte art presentation, but it was so hard to make it. Seriously, it was hard to be a barista. To make a good quality of coffee needs time, effort and patience. Most coffee makers have also experienced struggles and failures before they got the right procedure and recipe. If you have a dream to be a coffee maker, you must take their coffee class, so you can experience the same way as baristas did.


Aside from services, they also sell reusable metal straws and collapsible cups as sustainable materials for your coffee experience. You can grab your own metal straws ranging at Php 99 (per piece) or Php 120 to Php 550, per set. You can choose any colors for collapsible cups for Php 650 per piece.  You may check the items at


Overall, my Coffeeteria experience was full of learnings because it was fun to know about the coffee making and life of a barista. Making your own coffee with an espresso machine is a bit challenging and maybe you can’t achieve the exact taste and aroma when you do it for the first time. If you practice more with determination, you can achieve the perfect espresso or a latte in an instant. Just make a coffee that matches your taste preference. At Coffeteria, they will teach you how and they will serve you a specialty coffee that can feel you at home.


Visit the Coffeeteria at the second level of North Agora Minoza St. in Talamban, Cebu City. Coffeeteria is open from 3 p.m. to 12 midnight on weekdays and opens from 1 p.m. to 11 p.m. on weekends. For more inquiries, you may visit their official website at 

Check their latest post on Instagram at, and Facebook page at

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