Coco Martin, The Newest Brand Endorser of Shell

The “Ang Probinsiyano” superstar, Coco Martin, is now the newest brand endorser of Shell.

Coco Martin is one of the most hot celebrities that gained fame and recognition in television. Despite his stardom, Coco has retained his humility and his innate love for his acting skills and positive attitude towards his work. He known as the guy-next-door because of his numerous recognition and nomination from prestigious award-winning bodies that has spanned over a decade.

Aside from being an actor, Coco is known for his passion for cool, high-end, and oftentimes rare vehicles. He has different collection of luxurious cars and motorcycles which considered as the fruit of his years of hard work and dedication to his acting career – a good reward for a life. #SanaOil

Coco’s Beginning

Coco came from a family of jeepney drivers and he is proud of his humble beginnings. His grandfather made a living as a jeepney driver and was able to provide for his family and meet the need expenses in raising the children. Coco’s father continued the family legacy and provided for the family by driving a jeepney as well. His father was also the one who taught how to drive a four-wheeled vehicle. Coco served as his father’s back ride and world ask the youngster to wash their jeepney and sometimes he even fix it when needed.  Coco would often see his father taking good care of their jeepney, and this parental care their vehicle rubbed off on Coco who now also lovers taking good care his own vehicles himself.

Coco remembered that his father telling him that the engine oil is the lifeblood of any vehicle and that we put inside the engine should be of good quality. His father used Shell Rimula because it gives their diesel engine a cleaner and crisper engine sound.

His Passion for Driving a Motorcycle

Coco loves driving his luxury cars and sports trucks, he admitted that there’s nothing like riding a motorcycle. He rides his bike to the countryside to relax his mind from stress of work whenever he gets a chance. His love for bikes even transcends into his big films or in TV dramas every so often. His fans love to see him riding a motorcycle in an action scene and made him more famous as an actor.

Personal Care for His Bikes

Coco is making sure that he personally takes care of his bikes. He spares no expense in ensuring that his bikes are in tip-top shape. Part of his making sure that he uses only the best oil for his motorbike’s engine and that is Shell Advance lubricants. Many motorcycles enthusiasts like Coco Martin regularly use Shell Advance because it maximizes horsepower, enhance fuel economy, keeps pistons clean, provides superior wear protection and protects against extreme heat. Coco Martin said that he give his trust to Shell Remula and Shell Advance for his vehicle’s engine because Shell is providing good quality products for almost 105 years.

Shell Advance and Shell Remula are two of the many products that form part of She;;’s 105-year legacy of service and quality, which aim to make the future of motorists whether riders of motorcycles and tricycles or drivers of jeepneys, cars, and trucks.


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