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The education system in the Philippines is enough to sustain a right track for the students who wished to get a better career after the graduation from high school or college, but the training ground and career requirements are uncertain because of the required standards that applicants should reach to able to get hired in a particular company. Another option for that is to find a school that can give the right standards for an education. We all know that International schools in the Philippines are very expensive and mostly we cannot afford to enroll.


Good news! I am very happy to inform you that there is an educational agency that can give you the best option to get a standardized education that can provide you a global standard of education and opportunity to study abroad.


AECC Global is an education agency which can give you a FREE Consultation, School Application, Student VISA Assistance, and Travel/Accommodation Assistance. Since their main services are free, AECC Global is also willing to help for those qualified applicants who wished to study in abroad for global opportunities and also they can advise you for the right education to aim your future career in Australia, Canada or New Zealand.


Why should you choose AECC Global?

1.) The main services are FREE

Compare to other education agencies in the Philippines, other agencies require you to pay an amount for consultation. At AECC Global, they can give you the same service as consultation and school application and assistance.

2.) They are experts.

All of their education counselors are expert at providing educational options in an unbiased way. All of them are licensed education counselors and AECC Global is a registered education agency worldwide.

3.) Professionalism

They let you choose the right path through course options, which they can discuss more those courses that really in demand abroad. The practical way to get a better career is to follow their right options because they know the best for you.

4.) Network

They have connections in different schools and universities worldwide. It is easy to find the right school for you at AECC Global.  It is the easiest and the possible way to follow your Australian school dream to career success in abroad.

5.) They care

AECC Global has around 15,000+ satisfied clients all over the world. Be one of the growing numbers of their successful way of providing opportunities to study and work abroad and they care about it. It is the best time for you to change your destiny. Are you?

Upcoming AECC global event in Cebu

AECC Global is bringing an event in Cebu this coming August 4, 2018, at the Niña Hall of Radisson Blu Hotel at 1 PM to 5 PM. It is a free event for those who are willing to give a shot at studying abroad for big opportunities.


Register now at AECC Global official website at See the poster below for more details, or you may call at (032) 256 1420 or 0926 696 3006.



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