Chan Lim Chinese Art Lantern Exhibit at SM Seaside City brings you to a dynastic world of China

About 239 painted Chinese lanterns were set up at the SM Seaside City Cebu this week. It is my first time to see this type of setup which I can see Chinese lanterns personally. It is so perfect for everyone to visit this type of exhibit because we will celebrate Chinese New Year on 16th of February. See it personally in the mountain wing of SM Seaside City Cebu until 24th of February 2018.



About The Exhibit

The Chan Lim Family of Artists and Students (CLFAS) has been engaged in Western and Eastern arts for almost 5 decades. The CLFAS has been going around SM Malls nationwide to introduce their art tradition to the community. Their art styles are influenced by the family patriarch and painted in watercolor and oil on canvas. Aside from paintings, they have also porcelain plates, lanterns, and traditional painted fans.

( I did not touch the lantern)

Together with the celebration of Chinese New Year this year, it is the right place to celebrate the Chinese New Year as part of our tradition – to have a good relationship with our Chinese friends that served our ancestors before the Spanish colonization the Philippine archipelago. Up to this modern time, we can see old artifacts from our Chinese neighbors because of the barter change system before and exhibit in several heritage sites in Cebu. Aside from artifacts, you can see a lot of Chinese temples in the city and one the most famous is the Cebu Taoist Temple in Beverly Hills Subdivision, Cebu City.

Art For A Cause

Their first exhibit was held at SM Seaside City Cebu last 2017 and participated with students from different schools and university in Cebu. Now on its second leg, the group is extending their free workshop to the Philippines Accessible Disability Services, Inc. (PADS) to reach out the children with disabilities. You can attend the free workshop and experience the Chinese brush painting. It is a fun activity because you can learn and help also their charity program.


Art Critique

Seeing this kind of art form can inspire me to do well in traditional painting. I am engaged at all in digital arts, but I love to go back to my traditional way of making an art piece and I want to try also the Chinese style art painting. As a Filipino with 25% Chinese blood, it is a must to appreciate the Eastern Arts because it can portray the old tradition where everything is so basic and natural. Well, I am so proud that I can see all of these traditional paintings and everyone is in love with it.



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