Celebrating Chinese New Year at the Waterfront Airport Hotel and Casino Mactan, Cebu.

The Chinese New Year Celebration

We practice the Chinese New Year in the Philippines as a tradition and celebration of friendship with our Chinese community. Aside from tradition, we have also a strong belief in Feng Shui and reading predictions of the different Chinese zodiac signs which determine our lucky colors & numbers and fortune during the entire year. 


I witnessed the celebration of Chinese New Year at the Waterfront Airport Hotel and Casino Mactan last February 16, 2018. The celebration was started with the traditional ceremonies like Lion’s eye dotting and Dragon dance. The grand welcoming is attended by special guest, media friends, and the management team of Waterfront Airport Hotel and Casino Mactan.


After the ceremony, we experienced the traditional Chinese soup, which we picked various ingredients such as herbs, vegetables, spices, and a choice of seafood and meat. It is an amazing way of celebrating Chinese New Year because we actually cooked the traditional soup that usually served for special occasions and gathering. It feels like we do the entire traditional thing for the Chinese New Year.


Personal Thoughts

Since it was my first time to attend a Chinese New Year event, it was so great seeing an event which has significance to our culture and belief practices because we have faith for fortune and prosperity during New Year’s Day. It’s pretty similar to our New Year’s Eve celebration that usually we used firecrackers and materials to create noise is able to remove the bad luck or bad element in our homes, putting round fruits on the dining table, and wearing shirts that predicted to be the color of the year. In Chinese New Year celebration, we do also practices like putting Feng Shui elements in our homes, watch the lion’s eye dotting, dragon dance, and sort of thick rice cakes like Tikoy.


Self Reflection For The Year 2018

Despite we faced many challenges and trials, we can see a brighter side of life when it comes to celebrating the Chinese New Year. Their many people are still wishing for better career options, good health, and progressive business growth because of the strong belief that can change us for the better. I also read Chinese zodiac sign and I usually search for the prediction of the Monkey sign.

Either it is true to believe or not, I always follow my faith and I make harder things in my own way in able to achieve my desired goals for 2018. It is the perseverance or the determination to succeed in life which I currently facing right now. I have many things to do this year and I want to take it slowly and surely. I am afraid to share many plans because I got neglected for failing it and I don’t want to name all the ideas and plans right away. The most important is I want to enjoy this moment that I gain little in my craft and hobbies that I usually feel so happy and comfortable. Stressing out about certain things can be miserable and I want to teach the young to be patient for anything because God will provide the perfect time.

By this modern time, we can easily do what we want, but we’re still practicing the traditional ways to celebrate Chinese New Year and even the millennials are still aware of this kind of activity. Most of us are still engaged in other traditional practices and Chinese New Year is one of the best activities that Filipinos can celebrate without spending bucks and time. Have a meaningful and prosperous year for us.

Xin Nian Kuai Le! A Prosperous Chinese New Year to all!


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