Celebrate Art All Over at SM Seaside City Cebu

Art is a traditional activity which is a part of evolving culture of the human race. It can be a certain form, medium, and practices that can portray emotions and visual stories. The product of art is made from an incredible imagination and transform into an art piece. The influence of art is still invading in different platforms which can be seen in shopping malls, commercialize infrastructures, and digital formats like Smartphone, laptop, and television.


The SM Seaside City Cebu has organized an art gallery which every Cebuano can appreciate art that made by our fellow Cebuano artists in their originated style of art.


The 632 Gallery is located at the 3rd level of SM Seaside City Cebu which a hallway going to the Sky Park. The area was filled with mural art of Cebu heritage sites on its experience and unique rendition. The 632 Gallery was opened last December 2017 and it was done by six Cebuano artists; Anne Amores, Astraberry, Lil Monet, Mural Supply, Panu Yu, and Siamese Rat, for almost 3 weeks. The 632 Gallery served as an art and lifestyle hub for everyone which is perfect for your Instagram post. Get inspired to show your #OOTD pose on this amazing mural art.


Trashion Sculpture Exhibit

Trashion means “Trash” and “Fashion” which a creative environmental masterpiece of Cebuano artist Francis Sollano that showcasing wearable pieces of different recycled materials that we usually consumed and used in our home. The collection was part of Francis’ advocacy for environmental change which the biggest concern nowadays in our surroundings. His project was a big help to solve certain issues like increasing numbers of garbages and coastal waste from plastics. You can see the Trashion Sculpture Exhibit at the second level bridgeway of SM Seaside City Wing.


Floating Mass

The Floating Mass was created by Cebuano artists, Gabriel Lichauco and Stanley Ruiz, which made to show an aesthetic design through lighting, movement, and flexibility. You can visit the floating mass at the Cube Wing Atrium.

Chan Lim Lanterns and Scrolls Exhibit

About 239 painted Chinese lanterns from Chan Lim Family of Artists and Students (CLFAS) were set up at the Mountain Wing of SM Seaside City Cebu.

Art Thoughts

As a Cebuano artist, it is a privilege to see this kind of event which has a big impact for every Cebuano. Appreciating local art scene is a big help to promote the culture of Cebu Heritage through art installment and exhibit. The SM Seaside City Cebu is a great venue for this wonderful opportunity for talented Cebuano artists to show their unique talent in art. Being an artist, it is a great experience to see this kind of art display which everyone can see and enjoy selfies. I wish I could have this opportunity which I can show my unique talent in rendering the Cebuano culture and amazing heritage. Hopefully, I can be a part of their next art installment.


I am looking forward for more art event and exhibits in Cebu so everyone can appreciate the local art scene.

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