BubbleZ Premium Taichung Milk Tea is Bubbling its Way to Cebu!

There are many to mention milk tea brands here in Cebu. Some of my friends have personal favorites and they have specific preferences when it comes to milk tea drinks, especially to taste, price, and of course the brand itself. That’s why hundreds of milk tea brands have been in the market for years already, but the milk tea craze seems to be far from over.

A new milk tea house is going to be the talk of the town as it promises to provide authentic and premium milk tea from Taichung, Taiwan. BubbleZ is not new in the tea industry as it has been serving quality teas for the past 16 years. It opened its first store in Chaoma, Taichung in 2001 and since then, it grew with 20 franchise stores all over Taiwan. In 2015, a flagship store in Macau was opened, which marked its footprint internationally with 4 more branches. After 16 years, BubbleZ will make a new mileage in history as they open its doors to Cebuanos last December 13, 2019, with its first branch in IL Corso Filinvest Lifemalls. 

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Promoting High-Quality Tea Drinks For Everyone

The BubbleZ team prides themselves in preserving and maintaining their own tea garden in Taiwan, hence the quality and authentic flavors of its milk teas. Each cup of BubbleZ milk tea is crafted with real Taiwanese tea that features its richness and aroma that other tea species don’t have. BubbleZ also aims to challenge the tea industry especially in Cebu as well as tea drinkers to embrace premium teas – boba drinks with a cleaner and fresher taste that’s made from top-of-the-line ingredients.

What sets BubbleZ apart from the numerous milk tea brands out there is that they dare to break the mold by creating quality drinks without sacrificing the real flavors of the teas they use. You can guarantee that each cup will have the same quality too as it is the first milk tea brand to have a fully machine-operated assembly line. Today, they’re eyeing on passing on their success in running a tea business to new partners to bring more outstanding branch owners in the industry through BubbleZ. 

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Cebuanos will get to taste BubbleZ premium milk tea flavors such as:

  • Lemon Smoothie with fermented tea
  • Pearl Milk Tea
  • Fresh Mango Smoothie
  • Yakult Yogurt Green Tea
  • Au lalt with Sea Salt
  • Fresh Fruit Tea

From the various milk tea products I tried, I personally love their Brown Sugar Milk Tea. There’s a big confusion in my part to change my top 1 milk tea favorite and I have to let go to my current top choice this time. The bigger difference of BubbleZ from the milk tea products that I tried would be the ingredient. Special mention to their mountain tea that has a unique taste of tea as the main ingredient of a milk tea drink. Above the line, I always prefer BubbleZ as a milk tea drink where I can enjoy being alone in a tea house or drinking with friends and have a good conversation.

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Visit BubbleZ at Il Corso Cebu located at the Lifestyle Capital of Cebu, City di Mare. They are open from 9 am to 9 pm. 

Keep updated with BubbleZ Cebu! Like their Facebook page at facebook.com/BubbleZCebu/.

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