Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort: A Place To Disconnect From Stress

Being far away from the stressful city would be the best reward that you can give for yourself.  Try to go somewhere and lift up your soul in every destination either in an island or a secret place to hide away. Disconnect your stress now and enjoy the therapeutic beauty of the Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort.


Let’s Get Inside!

The Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort is located in Tamiao, Bantayan. It is far away from Sta. Fe and you take a ride via tricycle for about 75 pesos per person. You can enjoy watching the locals and nearby coconut forest, which can feel more the island vibes of Bantayan before reaching the resort.


The entrance fee is Php 200 and you can explore the different amenities inside the resort such as the Sto. Nino Cave, mini zoo, pool area, and the beautiful beach. You can explore also the 8 hectares of trees and trail areas where you can experience the whole jungle-like ambiance of Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort.



Day Tour – Php 200 

Standard Room | 2 Person – Php 2,500

Deluxe Room | 2 Persons – Php 3,300

Superior Room | 2 Persons – Php 3,500

Bungalow | 2 Persons – Php 4,500

Family Room | 6 Persons (Dorm Type) – Php 4,000

Family Room | 10 Persons (Dorm Type) – Php 7,500

  • Inclusions ( Fully Air-conditioned Rooms | Wellness | Day Tour | Cave Pool | Fish Spa | Wading Pool | Bar and Resto | Picnic Areas)

Extra mattress – Php 500

Extra Bedroom – Php 600

Propagating Environmental Preservation and Sustainability Campaign

The Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort is doing an environmental campaign that can benefit in protecting the natural resources inside their amenities. Through this campaign, they can sustain their own products such as food ingredients, which they have crop farm inside the resort. They also preserved many trees for keeping a cool and healthier air inside the resort.

Jungle Hallway

IMG_20181007_111004_1-01 LRM_EXPORT_20181019_101548

The Pool Area

Native Bungalow Guest Houses

Cactus Garden

Preserved Trees and  Plants

Nature Park

Seaview Cliff



Their environmental programs are very effective when it comes to providing sustainable products for the community. One of the best examples is their organic food which it uses natural fertilizers for plant growth and reproduction. Second, Bantayan Island is blessed for its marine resources, which can provide sustainable products like fried fish, scallops, and other marine resources for ecotourism.

In fact, the Bantayan Island Nature and Resort has their own product, which can be their delicacy or pasalubong product.

The Gourmet Danggit in Bantayan Island with 2 variants; Classic and Hot & Spicy (Php 250.00 per jar)


Gourmet Danggit as the main ingredient for Bacalao – a spanish dish made of potato, tomato and special herbs. 


A healthy version of Gourmet Danngit Pasta


The Gourmet Danggit is a persevered fried danggit in oil and herbs in a jar. It can be used as an appetizer or an ingredient in gourmet dishes like pasta and a special dish called “Bacalao”, which has potato and tomato. The taste was so good! It feels like I’m dining in a restaurant. Absolutely the natural flavor of gourmet danggit is stunning when you combined it with any gourmet dishes, which you can serve to any special occasion.

Time To Pamper With Nature

I enjoyed most the amenities and I found peace in a while. I set aside my work and emails at that time and I enjoyed being alone while enjoying the sunshine and sea air. It was a total stress relieving process to disconnect for a while and I turned off the inner voice from my head. With the Gumamela Smoothie (Hibiscus Flower Smoothie), I simply chill and enjoy the resort.



Top 6 Reasons To Disconnect

I have 6 reasons why we need to disconnect for a while from the stressful life in the city.

We work because we earned money from tasks, projects, and hard situations in the office. It is part of our lifestyle to go beyond our limits because we need to finish our goals and tasks each day. And we rest for at least 2 days a week, but we still connected to our emails for further project updates. Sometimes, our lives always depend on our daily routine and our free time is limited and we need to catch up for that ticking clock.


Yes, I feel you. Anyways, I have 6 reasons to tell you about how to disconnect for a while in a stressful workplace and city.

1.) Set a date for the ultimate vacation.

For at least a month, you should have a break to disconnect from stressful work and toxic people around you. Try to visit resorts, or have an island hopping with close friends. The island vibes can turn your inner soul into a tropical lush.

2.) Enjoy the moment while on vacation

Oh dear, don’t check your emails. Just set aside first and have a great time with yourself and hang out with your travel buddies. Checking emails during vacation is worthless and you can’t enjoy your ultimate break.


3.) Seize the time like no tomorrow.

Forget about the ticking clock and enjoy the vacation day like no tomorrow. Just witness the golden hour like a sunrise or sunset. It’s time to reward yourself with beautiful sceneries and good memories.


4.) Take more photos and videos at every moment.

Try to ignore some strangers around you during your vacation. Just take more photos and videos in every moment that you spend on your vacation. It is good to store more photos and videos for a journal or a vlog (video blog) and share it with your friends after the vacation.


5.) Explore and Learn the Place.

The best experience for a trip or vacation is to explore the place. In Bantayan Island, there’s a lot of beautiful and interesting places that you can learn. Meet the locals and ask anything about the island. It is good to communicate some locals and became new friends in an instant. Just learn about their policies and be a responsible tourist all the time. Keep your trashes in a bin and just leave no trace all the time.


6.) And lastly, just smile and have fun.

Think more positive things on your trip and recall your best memories from the past. Just embrace your time to celebrate your freedom. A happy traveler got a happy heart after a very long trip.


The Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort have many things to offer. If you’re still looking for a good place to unwind and disconnect from your stressful work, just visit the Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort and explore the preserved environment and the beauty of Bantayan Island. Let the beauty of nature invades your disconnection. The Bantayan Island is your home to settle down and fall in love again.




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