Azia Suites & Residences: The Café Lazat’s newest A La Carte Menu

“Lutong Bahay” or Home-cooked dishes are part of our tradition which we can present and serve the best food for every important occasion and celebration for every Filipino family across the country and across the world. Going back to our food history, our main influences when it comes to food was the Southeast Asian cuisine because it has complex flavors of spicy, salty, sour, and sweet, which we influenced our culinary culture and recipes from our ancestral neighbors like the Indos, Malays, and Chinese. Up to this date, we love to eat comfort food that can remind our growth stage with family and friends, and it gives a lot of beautiful memories to collate the specific taste of comfort food that we tried before.


That’s why the Café Lazat of Azia Suites and Residences had relaunched the newest set of their a la carte menu that showcases the best and most popular dishes of Southeast Asia including our Filipino dishes.


The A La Carte Menu

The newest a la carte menu of Café Lazat showcases the best selection of popular Filipino and Asian favorites, which can give you an appetizing surprise. The Café Lazat has a goal to deliver enticing and delectable dishes that have the local taste and first-timers seek to take their palettes on a wondrous experience. At the same time, it can provide a home-style flavor that locals will conjure good memories of traditional family dinners.



Seafood Dinuldog

A squash-ish soup with coconut cream and crispy ikan bilis, a perfect appetizer or a rainy day buddy.

Ensalada Filipina (Flipino Salad)

A Filipino-style salad with kasuy, trio of mangoes, duck eggs, in spicy bagoong dressings, which can add your healthy cravings into a delicious one.

Vietnamese Chicken Salad

A Vietnamese version of chicken salad with nuoc cham, fried shallots, and coriander. I super love Vietnamese food because of its unique flavor that can give an extraordinary after taste.


Ensaladang Filipna


Vietnamese Chicken Salad

Main Course

Nasi Goreng

Balinese fried rice with fried chicken, egg, kurupuk and pickled vegetables that can create a great level of spiciness and entice your cravings. This dish is certified a must try.

Pork sisig

Our super love Pork Sisig is also included on the Café Lazat a la carte menu.

Aziamazing Wing

It is pretty close to Buffalo Hot Wings, but it has a sweetness and sour-ish taste when you bite.

The Ultimate Azia Burger

Black Pasta

A black version of pasta with tomatoes and squid ink sauce.

Pad Thai

The popular Pad Thai is also included on the a la carte menu. Stir-Fried noodles with prawns and chicken with tamarind juice, palm sugar, and toasted nuts.

Pochero Bisaya
The Visayan version of simmered beef pochero with bamboo shoots, sweet corn, and local vegetables.

 Chef Dennis Uy demonstrated the cooking procedure of Pad Thai.


Black Pasta


Pork Sisig


Aziamazing Wings


Ultimate Azia Burger


Moist Chocolate Cake

A delectable moist chocolate cake that gives you an enticing flavor of sweetness every bite.

Buko Pandan

A pandan-flavored gelatin dessert with shredded coconut mixed with cream and milk.

Halo-halo Turon with Latik and Vanilla Ice Cream

Play your sweet cravings with Halo-halo Turon with a perfect combination of Latik flavor and Vanilla Ice Cream.


Dine with Café Lazat

The variety of Southeast Asian dishes in Café Lazat would be your best choice as great food for the family occasion. Bonding with family is the best quality time to relax, discuss and enjoy with food. At Café Lazat, you can celebrate with festive cuisine that can feel home and comfort. You can feel the home-cooked experience and see the beautiful landscape of Cebu City. Invite your family and friends to dine at Café Lazat in Azia Suites and Residences.

About Azia Suites and Residences

Azia means “Sunrise” in Greek. Azia Suites and Residences offers the pleasant warmth that one often gets when you’re at home. Azia Suites aim to tease their guest’s imagination, weaving thoughts of relaxation and ease, with their personalized service and mouth-watering food that surely give the best dining experience. Azia is a haven, especially their stylish yet simple and cozy furnishings that can give comfort and class vibes for their guests.

The Azia Suites and Residences is located at 8 Rahmann Extension, Gorordo and Mango Avenue, Cebu City, affording easy access to the City’s business and economic hub, shopping destinations, and different establishments nearby.

For inquiries, you may contact at (032) 260 1111, or visit their official website at

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