8 Reasons To Invest A Condo Unit At Amaia STEPS Mandaue Tower.

Imagine, we can spend a lot of savings on personal goals and leisure because we’re still active and too far from being responsible and facing the adulthood stage. We are motivated to work because we have different goals like travel, buy an expensive car, or getting married soon. Perhaps, we are valid to fulfill our dreams and we are free to spend our savings as a personal choice or a need. Is it worth to invest in something that can give us a guarantee? Or is it possible to invest money on something that can bring us to a better life in the near future?

Some of you will think about housing loan as a good investment in the near future. If you are planning to be independent and seeking for a living space, there is the best way to make your decision worth and easy.

The Amaia Steps Mandaue Tower 2 is set to provide high-quality and affordable housing options for young investors and families who want to start their dream home in a residential condo unit. If you are planning to invest a condo unit at Amaia Steps, so here are the top 10 reasons why you should invest at Amaia Steps Mandaue now.


1.) Accessible to Urban Cities

Mandaue is one of Cebu province’s highly urbanized cities where residents can fully access the different establishment like shopping malls, hospitals, schools, restaurants, airport and other businesses nearby.


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2.) You can choose your unit type.

Amaia Steps Mandaue offers 288 units with a total value of P1.13 billion, with various unit sizes that can provide needs and choices of its prospect homeowners. You can fulfill your living space into a reality.

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3.) Accessible to different amenities

Amaia Steps Mandaue Tower 2 signifies new beginnings in their very spacious, well-designed units at very affordable prices. The residents can access to different amenities such as swimming pool, family courtyard, parking lot, children’s play area, clubhouse, landscape garden, and multipurpose hall. Aside from amenities, Amaia Steps have sustainability features like providing natural ventilated units and hallways, sufficient drainage system to protect from flooding, and the light-colored façade and roof to minimize heat.



4.) Easy payment options

Amaia Land brings the dream of owning affordable and sustainable homes closer to hardworking Cebuanos through easy payment options like cash, deferred cash, and bank financing.

5.) Affordable price

Amaia Steps Mandaue Tower 2 is now open for reservation. The reservation fee is around Php 20,000 for Studio type unit and Php 25,000 for Premier unit. The Studio type unit is worth 2.9 Million. Enjoy the limited offer for as low as Php 8,255 for the pre-selling units. You can check the premier unit or other units available at www.amaialand.com.


6.) Astonishing architectural design and well-planned unit.

Amaia Steps Mandaue Tower offers a spacious design unit that suitable for you and for your family. The ceiling height is around 2.9 meters and hallway section is approximate 1.2 meters by 2.25 meters. The lobby area is cozy and relaxing because you can easily access to the garden and swimming pool for relaxation.
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7.) Providing needs and security for homeowners.

Amaia Steps Mandaue Tower has developed features that can provide needs and security for homeowners. The building is monitored by CCTV and security guards in the front gate. Each unit has a water supply, electrical power supply, and drainage with sewerage treatment. Inside the building have emergency exits, fire extinguishers, sprinkler system, and telephone and cable ready. Each unit is equipped with strong windows that withstand typhoon winds and fire detection system.

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8.) Worth to invest.

If you are planning to invest now in Amaia Steps Mandaue Tower 2, this is the right time for you to avail their exclusive offer. All units are available at 10% in 30 months for a very limited time only. This is your great opportunity to invest and make your money work for you and for your future.



Visit their Showroom at Carlos Perez Building, A.C. Cortez Avenue, Mandaue City, Cebu or contact them at (032) 239-8378.

Graphical Images by Amaia Land Corporation 


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