5 Things To Do While Staying at Happynest Hostel Cebu

It is a usual routine for tourists to find an accessible place to stay overnight. Most backpackers and foreign tourists prefer to stay in hostels because they can share a room as a group, and most hostels have huge space for dining, lodging, and common areas for bathrooms and restrooms.  It is also a convenience for tourists to find nearby places where they can experience locality and explore known landmarks such as museums, heritage sites, and amusements.

There are many cheap hostels available in some different parts of Cebu, but few are accessible and convenient for backpackers and foreign tourists because of the location, size of the rooms, and lack of facilities. Luckily I found a newly opened hostel in Cebu City, where guests can easily access to the port area, local food market, and interesting tourist spots.



Happynest Hostel Cebu is located at Cebu City, within 220 meters from Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral and 600 meters from Magellan’s Cross and different historical sites in Cebu City. Happynest Hostel offers accommodation that suitable for backpackers and local/foreign tourists, which they can stay overnight and enjoy the different facilities such as dining area, shared lounge, strong wi-fi connection, 24/7 desk assistance at the lobby, common bathrooms & restrooms for male and female guests, personal locker units, and relaxing rooms with bunk beds that can occupy 4, 6, or 8 persons (depends on room type). Happynest Hostel also serves all-day breakfast meals and hot & cold beverages.



5 Things To Do While Staying at Happynest Hostel Cebu

Staying at hostels would be a great time to relax, unwind, and explore new places within the area. Sometimes, it is normal for us to plan or do something great while staying in one place. In fact, the location of Happynest Hostel is very accessible in different locations for tourist attractions, business hubs, and food market. So what are the great things to do while staying at Happynest Hostel Cebu?

Explore Museums & Historical Sites


Cebu City has lots of museums where we can find galleries from old artifacts of the Pre-Hispanic era, the Spanish colonial era,  and the contemporary historical period of the Philippines.


Nearby Museums

Cebu Provincial Museum (Museo Sugbo)

The Museo Sugbo is located at M.J. Cuenco Avenue, within 1.3 km away from Happynest Hostel, where you can explore the gallery of old artifacts and preserved materials from the Katipuneros and post-war periods.

Casa Gorordo Museum

The Casa Gorodo Museum is located at the Mabini Street, within 650 meters away from Happynest Hostel, where you can find relics of Filipino lifestyle way back 1860s to 1920s.

The Cathedral Museum

The Cathedral Museum is located at F. Urdaneta Street, the nearest location from Happynest Hostel within 200 meters away, where you can explore the gallery of Roman Catholic history of Cebu and artifacts from the Spanish Colonial era.

Jesuit House Museum

The Jesuit House Museum is located at Zulueta Street, within 500 meters away from Happynest Hostel, where you can find one of the oldest houses in the Philippines way back 1730.

Jose R. Gullas Halad Museum

The Jose R. Gullas Halad Museum is located at D. Jakosalem Street, within 500 meters away from Happynest Hostel, where you can experience the different eras of Visayan folk music and memorabilia.

Museo Basilica Del Santo Niño

The Museo Basilica Del Santo Niño is located at Osmeña Boulevard, within 450 meters away from Happynest Hostel, where you can find antique furniture and different relics & imagery of Sto. Niño.

Experience Food Market



Cebu is known for local food varieties, including street food and authentic local dishes like Lechon, Siomai, SUTUKIL, and many more. The nearest food market is located at SRP and Compania Maritima, where you can choose from different restaurants and snack bars.


Enjoy Good Conversations with fellow guests



Most hostels have common areas where everyone shares apart. It is a great opportunity to meet and have a conversation with fellow guests in the hostel. It is pleasant to meet guests from different countries and mostly I met was from European countries and I learned so much from their culture and travel stories.

Feel At Home



At Happynest Hostel, you can feel at home in their big lounging space for a comfortable time to spend with fellow guests or chatting on mobile phones. The vicinity inside the hostel is very sophisticated and it feels so pleasant in the eyes because of the modern-touch architectural design with pop up colors and tropical art murals.

Free to Ask



It is easier to ask someone in the Philippines because most of the Filipinos can speak English. It is easier to ask directions and you can ask anything from them. Happynest Hostel staff is very friendly and accommodating. They have a 24/7 desk assistance service that you can directly ask for help or to assist something.



  • Comfortable rooms at affordable price. (Php 450.00/person per night.)
  • Huge space in common areas.
  • Sophisticated design for travelers.
  • Outstanding services. (They help to suggest travel itineraries in Cebu )
  • Near at the tourist spots, port area, and business hubs.
  • With wi-fi connection and fully air-conditioned rooms.
  • A good choice for Bed and Breakfast.
  • With Beers and Snacks available inside
  • Reflexology with Back Massage every Friday from 5pm to 9pm



  • Small parking space.
  • Few hostel signages, but you can search the exact location at Google Maps.
  • Less visibility for Public transportation or taxis, but you can book a taxi or a private car for hire via Grab app or walk within 200 meters going to nearby business hubs to take public transportation as an option.
  • It is a shared accommodation, so there are no private rooms.

Where to find Happynest Hostel Cebu?



Happynest Hostel Cebu is located at Lapu-lapu Street, Cebu City.  You may contact them at 0917 792 4241, or book your accommodation at booking.com

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