5 Benefits of Crossfit Workout: A Free Trial at SouthSide Fitness Cebu

I am guilty to say that I don’t have time to do some exercises at home because of my fully loaded freelance works and personal hobbies that I need to be finished at the end of the day. Even though I still walking about 20 minutes when I have my afternoon break in the office. I got confused sometimes that I should go for hybeast fitness training, so I can achieve a better life and appearance.


Why Is Exercise So Important?

It’s weird to write this blog about fitness because I’m not a fitness enthusiast. So I did my research on the internet and I google everything about fitness and its benefits. As what I read, fitness is very important because it keeps us fit and healthy. Besides, exercise can lead us to a better life, especially for adults. We can get a good stamina and mental focus when we exercise daily. Well, I believe so.

What is Crossfit Workout?

Crossfit is constantly varying functional movements performed at high intensity. All exercises in a Crossfit workout are based on functional movements that best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, and many more. (Source: www.crossfit.com). Meaning, you can get different functions of workouts when you try a Crossfit workout.

A typical workout uses different workout equipment such as weights, treadmill, and other gym equipment. In Crossfit workout, your body is the most functional tool to achieve a high-intensity workout.  If you wish to try something different on your exercise routine, you should try Crossfit workout.

Anyways, here are the 5 Benefits of Crossfit Workout based on what I learned at Southside Fitness Cebu.

1.) Develop Mental Focus


Counting numbers while intensively moving is a crazy thing that I did. At first, it was easy to count your routine.  When I reached the middle of Crossfit program, it was hard to count the routine numbers because I’m tired and my mental focus was lost. The good thing about it is I have to focus more on the routine. The focus is always the key,.

2.) Test your Strength

At first, it was so easy to finish the first set of the workout. When I tried the 10-minute Crossfit workout program, it was so hard to finish the sets because I was tired in the middle of the workout. As a beginner, I can test my strength at the low level which I need to do more is able to finish the whole set of Crossfit workout. The more I do, the more it improves.

3.) Improves Breathing

“Hangak!” or out of breath. The overall workout routine was so tiring and I want to drink more water and lay down on the floor. It was a good start to try this type of workout routine because I can do a breathing exercise which I can exercise my lungs as well.

4.) Keeping You Active

Being active means you are physically alert and hype for any situation. When I tried the Crossfit workout, it keeps my body active and I love to move around and swaying my arms all around. Even though I had body cramps after the workout, I still active and motivated to move like walking and do basic body movements at home.

5.) Releases Body Tension.

The most satisfying part when I finished Crossfit workout was I released the tension in my body and also the negative thoughts in my mind. Despite all the high-intensity workout and unlimited sweat, there’s a good reward for it. You can feel it once you try Crossfit Workout.

Crossfit Workout Experience with my fellow Content Creators

Here’s the vlog of CJ Estrada during our Crossfit Workout trial at the Southside Fitness Cebu.


Get Hype at Southside Fitness Cebu

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