Inspiring Other People Is A Legacy

You wonder why I am blogging this year and I maintained to create random thoughts and quick artwork post on my Instagram account. I blog several times about myself, the events that I attended and all the things that I inspired by. This is how I express myself and it was kind of giving an inspiration to other people, especially for those who’re still looking their life into the bright side. All the things that I did was a pure LEGACY.


The First Day

I just remembered my 1st day of my new journey when I joined the Brew Your Best Year 2016 of The Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf last January 2016 at Escario Street, Cebu City, Cebu.

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We did something incredibly on that day because we’ve done a big mural artwork that painted by random participants like painters, calligrapher, doodlers and art enthusiasts. It was an open door that I need to pass. That day would be so memorable for me and I was glad that The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf featured my two artworks that I posted on my Instagram.

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The Legacy Reigns

The simple step to create this legacy is to do more things positively. There’s always a negative part of every step to make. I was questioning myself about those things that I cannot go with. In fact, the encouragement to learn and explore more are the keys to simply see this legacy from my never-ending process of exploring new things, learning mistakes and achieving dreams.

The 2018 Giving Journal

Recently, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf were finally launched their 2018 Giving Journal in Cebu last November 4, 2018, at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at I.T. Park, Cebu City. The giving journal event was attended by fellow media personalities from different blogging groups, publishing companies and much more.


The 2018 journal is themed Leave A Legacy which it has a significant value for being a hero or a good example of helping other people to make their dreams come true. This is how The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf have many achievements in the past 10 years of giving journey and inspiration to others.

Legacy Is A Purpose

What is your purpose?

There’s always one question that my mind is always telling me, “What is your purpose as an artist?”

It is easy to answer, but it is hard to do. Sometimes, it is hard to think about how I can contribute to the community as an artist. Am I going to color the lives of other people? How? And when I can start?

Beyond the expectations that I thought about, it was a nerve-breaking experience when I got closer to my right direction. Yes, I made it so far. The purpose is I should do more for other people. Even if it is a simple artwork, I make them happy and amazed in a few seconds in Instagram or Facebook. Now I turn to writing blogs and that was a new legacy aside from creating artworks. There are many ways to create your purpose. If you did, that is your legacy.

Sentiments of Achieving Goals After The Heartbreaks.

I never stop dreaming of putting up my name for almost 6 years. I started as “High Level Productions” way back 2011 and I changed it ahead as Aldrincore Moshpit after I realized that I should focus on my personal thoughts and ideas.

There’s always a sentimental value for all the hard work that I invested like my time to find something interesting and the entire patient that I held so far. Even my colleagues showed up a little bit of confusion on their faces about my goals, but I never stop dreaming and I pushed so hard until I brought here in this moment that I have few supporters. That’s why I have a lot of sentimental memories because I waited for so long and then I finally reach it.

Legacy For The Future

At this moment, I am planning to try doing a video creation which I want to create a video-related content to make awareness and to educate the people as well. There’s a lot of preparation for that kind of creation which it is so hard to maintain. Most of the effective content that I saw on the web would be the video content. That is why video is an effective tool to retain an effectiveness of your legacy but another medium must do.

This season of giving, it’s about time to give an inspiration to others. By bringing your purpose into something great can make it as your legacy of a lifetime.

Note To Self

The upcoming years would be more challenging and exciting. The only promise to myself would be the discipline to have a commitment in terms of providing good content for my readers and non-readers as well. I should continue the legacy that I started and I won’t change any decisions from now on, but it certainly weird if I changed for a unique content creation but everything is almost the same. The year 2018 is coming and I am turning 25 this upcoming 22nd of December. I am thinking too much about other stuff and life expectations when reaching the age of 25. What should be the kind of life when I am 25 years old? Just find out in 2018.

16 thoughts on “Inspiring Other People Is A Legacy

  1. One of my biggest dreams is to create a mural on our wall here at home. I am not the most creative and artistic person but I love art and I have a big appreciation of it. The only problem is that I can’t execute most of my ideas. Haha! 😉 It’s so nice to know that you were a part of the mural in Escario! I heard about it that time and thought it would be nice to join.

    Continue creating your art Drin! Just by sharing your artworks, you’re already leaving a legacy. Keep it up!

    • Thanks, Re! Try a shot for mural painting.. malay mu basin amazing ang results. Inspire now and search more ideas at Pinterest kay didto ko nag start kuha many ideas and tips. It is your time to shine na. 😀 😀 😀

  2. It’s good to see that you have a lot of goals and you really are determined in achieving those goals no matter what. LEGACY. That’s something I haven’t really thought about. Probably because I find what I do uninspiring to some people? I dunno. HAHA. But anyway, you’re right that inspiring other people is a legacy. Time will come when we leave this earth and another generation will come. Most likely, our names and works will be long forgotten… But then, we don’t really need to do something big so people will remember us when we are dead. What we choose to do while we’re still alive is what gives this life meaning and that’s enough to inspire people to continue living as well. A precious gift. And yes, a legacy indeed. 🙂

    • Awee Thanks Hanna.. But legacy na na makakatkat og random bukids.. I know na naay mga millennials na ma-inspired mu katkat og bukid because of your experience, even me kay ganahan ko ukatkat og bukid because of you and Ciji.. hahahaaa.. It’s already a LEGACY. Yup i agree that we don’t really need to do something big for people that can remember us kay pang politics ra na every election period hahahahaaaa.. Our upcoming project kato sa project lugaw would be the next legacy nato kay it’s giving back the blessings na na-earned nato for this year.. Excited kaayu ko for that.. ommmgggg!! hahahahaaa

  3. The 2016 you looks so different from the 2017. Just keep moving forward regardless of what society thinks. I used to draw or maybe sketch, I still have a that sketchpad I had since highschool. Before blogging, my escape was art but I wasn’t able to fully express my thoughts in that medium so I shifted. It doesn’t mean I don’t like it anymore, I was just not able to figure it out, maybe I’ll find a pencil and start sketching once again?

  4. I have seen you grow overtime. I know how hard you try to achieve your goals. Your ambition and passion can take you somewhere. Continue reaching for it and we will be always there to support you no matter what happens.


    • Thank you, Wellbs.. We’re growing each other on this field that we are focusing right now. Happy to see you and Ciji from this very far.. Let’s keep this flame alive until the end.. layshoo.. hahahaa

  5. Idola jud aning Aldrin oy! Your art is really impressive considering your day job and all. Hehe. Nakabantay lang ko sa article na November 4, 2018 ang date 🙂 Hehe.

    Really looking forward to more and more of your amazing artworks in 2018 and beyond! 😀

    • Thanks Julls! Yeepp.. Planning to do more sa 2018 kay this year kay na bahin akong focus.. hahaaa but I’m really enjoy it. 😀

    • Yeppp! Thanks, Kuya Herbert! Sharing is loving baya.. hahahaa Looking forward to create artworks for Huawei Sugbo Events.. 🙂

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