Five Things To Deal With Emptiness

Being not good enough can associate with anyone who has low self-esteem that can lead to self-doubt, loneliness, and depression. We can ask ourselves daily about our compliments in life and knowing those things to be accomplished at the end of the day and the fact it is normal. Other people took seriously about emptiness because of the concept of social pressure which they want something more on themselves to be accepted in peers or in society. From the Philippines Statistics Authority as of 2010, there are 14% of a population of 1.4 million Filipinos with disabilities, were identified to have a mental illness and the number is still increasing up to today (link source).

Due to a lack of information and awareness, it is very alarming to read shocking news about suicide rates and increasing numbers of people having depression and mental illness which can be prevented if we have a strong support system for this kind of stigma in our society. As a mental advocate, I used my blog as a platform to give experience-based articles about mental health and how to prevent it. There are so many things and situations where we can feel for being empty and depressed. In my research, I listed the top 10 situational-based scenarios where we can identify that the feeling of emptiness is there.

  1. Being FOMO in every big or small talk.
  2. Not giving attention to any discussion or talk.
  3. Starting hate speech online.
  4. Posting sad content online.
  5. Ignoring invites
  6. Not interested to join group activities
  7. Overthinking things
  8. Always quite and grounded
  9. Eating too much food or skipping meals
  10. Untidy or not aware of his/her styling.

If you feel that you’re not good enough or having an emotional breakdown due to self-doubt and frustration, here are the 5 basic ways on how to deal with it:

Embrace Your Uniqueness

I am strongly believed that each of us has unique characteristics that can be used as your good assets. Find your unique talents and make it as a hobby or a daily habit to increase your potential to grow and meet new people and businesses in the future. Embracing your uniqueness is similar to loving yourself because it is an ultimate therapy to let go from being grounded and giving you more confidence to live life and embrace yourself as you are. You’re amazing!

Get Out For Your Comfort Zone

Being stuck from a very stressful and not supportive place can link to emptiness and low-self esteem. The best examples are workplace and toxic friend circles. You can identify the feeling of being stuck if you’re not comfortable anymore or it gives you toxicity when you’re doing something right but for the others are thinking or saying its wrong.

Find A New Circle

Being alone is good, but we need strong connections with other people. Find your true peers that can give you advice and moral support. Trusting someone is not easy, but letting yourself grow from other people is a good risk to save you from being grounded and bordered. After all, your family is always the safest place. Not all the time your friends are always there for you. Make a meaningful living by loving each other and make time for family and friends in a balanced way.

Love Yourself More

Feeling empty is also a sign that your physical wellbeing is in need of attention. Speak to your body and see for something good for yourself. Try brisk walking or yoga class. Treat yourself with delicious food and dessert and watch your favorite movies or Netflix series. Self-care is very important and it should prioritize first before anything else. Try to ignore negative comments about you. It is terrible to hear some comments about your performance, your work, or your personality. At the end of the day, your journey matters.

Appreciate More On Small Success

Start appreciating your small success by listing down of basic goals such as personal homework, art crafts, and even simple stuff that you want to achieve. Sometimes we wish for something big for ourselves, but it takes a lot of time and courage to make a bigger step because of our different challenges like financial needs, time, and commitments. In my case, I waited for almost years to reach my biggest milestone which I travel outside the country and able to explore Macau. Second, don’t compare your success to others because we have different goals and visions in life. Just focus on your success and be the best version of yourself always.

There’s nothing wrong if you feel empty because all of us can feel that way. As a human being, we must stay strong and seek for moral support because we live in this world that everyone deserves to heal and to be happy. Sometimes we need to see smaller things in able to see what are the things could be applied to make us good enough to other people. Seek professional help like counseling and medical consultation if you can’t control everything. There are lots of institutions that can help you. And lastly, pray all the time or read inspirational books that can give you wisdom and peace of mind. Trust your overall process and everything is gonna be alright. For a serious case, you may call your local authorities for any assistance, or dial 911 (worldwide lifeline). For local lifelines, dial (02) 804-HOPE (4673) or 0917 558 HOPE (4673), National Center for Mental Health Crisis Hotline: 0917-899 8727 or (02) 989-8727 (open 24/7).



Special thanks to Deneb Batucan for your time helping me to construct every words in this article. You’re the best!

7 thoughts on “Five Things To Deal With Emptiness

  1. Thanks for this Aldrin. Suddenly I remember the feeling of emptiness I felt when I went aboard for the very first time. Although I was able to manage it, I can still remember how it feels.

  2. What’s nice about emptiness is that it is also invitation for you to feed your soul with everything that’s nurturing and one way to do that is to do the things you love. 🙂 Emptiness is also a reminder that you aren’t taking actions and that you had to feel it sometimes to remind yourself that you are so much more than whatever those things that have made you feel empty. Aldrin, thank you for putting these out there, as these will really be helpful to people. You are worthy to be seen and heard. Happy weekend!

  3. Thank you for sharing this Aldrin! These things are really helpful for everyone right now during this Pandemic. I really like the part of appreciating small success. Sometimes, I forgot to celebrate on small things and you help me remind myself to do so. Thanks again!

  4. This is a good read. I have dealt with so much about this years ago and somehow, even now. I guess it is just normal for people to feel lonely. As what they say, it’s better to feel lonely than being alone. I know I have my family and friends to help me with my struggles. But as a human being who were raised to become independent, I am managing myself well against all odds. I am just hoping that people who are struggling can move on because we have different strategies in handling things.

  5. Super loved how you listed some tips of how peeps who suffers or lingers on these scenarios can be helped with. Mental health is really important jud especially this pandemic so laban lang jud ta always ❤️❤️

  6. Thank you for this read, Aldrin. I am happy to read this article. I want to share my experience of my DYAD interview with the Contact Tracer leaders here in the city and all of their answers pointed out that they are totally exhausted. The doctors during the assessment interview had one common answer, they are very tired since they work 24/7 since March without work leave. This goes the same with our frontliners in the barangay level. Mental Health support is totally needed even before the pandemic and especially this time of crisis. They may say that beating loneliness and depression is a self battle but I beg to disagree. The environment plays a crucial role, too. We are each other’s support system. We are responsible of each others welfare.

  7. I’m happy that you made this post, Aldrin. I would always get spells of emptiness to the point that it would affect my health. Good there are people like you and the content creators we know that can help in alleviating that emptiness. 🙂

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