Blog or Vlog? My Thoughts About Content Creation

Content creation is just a hobby that creates new experiences for others. To be honest, I became a blogger first before these content creation trends became a phenomenon. So I used to blog about different topics like my personal and events in Cebu. Later on, I used to vlog my life events and hobbies as an artist and blogger. So this content creation was just magical for me because I experienced different offers and learnings, especially when I surrounded by influential people.

This blog is just my thoughts about how would I feel about this content creation. This is my personal perspective about blogging and vlogging as platforms for content creation and I have to choose which kind of content creation would I prefer. So let’s discuss each of these content creations with my personal thoughts.


As I said in my introduction, I started to write my stories as my way of expressing my thoughts. That’s why I stick to this hobby because I am comfortable sharing my thoughts and opinions in a proper way. There are times that I don’t feel to write and I want to read other blogs to inspire and learn new ideas. Reading different articles really help me to understand and appreciate stories. Maybe it’s just my comfort zone to read stories and produce my own stories.

The one thing I hold back to this story is actually I overthink those negative comments about blogging. Some people say that blogging is not accurate anymore because of social media as a new platform for content creation. But that’s not true! For me, blogging is much accurate than social media when it comes to content creation. There are more people who use Google as a tool for research and finding accurate information. Through blogging, you can create keywords for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes. After all, people will rely on Google for some answers in life.

My first-ever event that I attended as a newbie blogger. (SM Seaside City Cebu | 2017)

The challenging part of blogging is to make it readable. My 2 years of blogging are not enough to call myself a pro. I have many things to learn about blogging in general like I  have to review my draft article time-to-time because I’m going to publish it. I have grammar errors all the time and I need to recheck again for some corrections. There are so many things about blogging that I need to explore. For now, I teach myself not to pressure about things when it comes to self-learning. I believe that everything takes time. So I am here still learning and writing. One day, I will persuade this hobby as a career in the future.


I remember my first vlog about my art process way back in 2017. Vlogging became a phenomenon in the Philippines in 2017 or 2018. So I made my first vlog as a new platform for my content creation and that time vlogging is not just a little bit awkward, especially when you vlog outdoors and many people will observe you. It was just a normal feeling for someone who makes a vlog for the first time. That’s why the power of confidence is really important in vlogging career. Later on, I created different vlogs of my trips, food experiences, events, and my art process. Vlogging helps me to stay confident and being mindful of my words. Fun fact, I am an introvert and a camera-shy person. This whole content creation journey was just my transformation as a person.

For me, the challenging parts of vlogging are the procedure of editing and also the communication. I used to edit videos way back before and it is my advantage when I produced my first-ever vlog content. The challenging part of editing is actually when you combine the video files together with sound effects. The second is communication. Talking to your camera is just a little bit awkward. For other vloggers, it’s just like talking to a friend. That’s why I practice myself not to think that vlogging is so awkward. It feels like I’m talking to someone. There are times that mental block is there when you start filming your own vlog. It’s a normal situation for everyone.

Choose between Blog and Vlog

Both platforms are great for content creation. Actually, you can do both of these platforms. The only question is, are you capable of doing content creation? Commitment is the only key to pursue content creation. If I only choose one of these platforms, I prefer to choose the blog because I want to write stories than filming stories.

In a blog, it’s just a sitdown scenario and you have to write your thoughts on your page and upload right away with embedded images and a blog cover. The technical sides of blogging are to apply some keywords for SEO purposes and also to check some grammatical errors before posting. Somehow blogs can also edit right away compare to vlogs that you have to edit the specific scene and also it takes time to render and upload to your channel.

Final Thoughts

Whether it is a blog or a vlog, the content is really important. People have different thoughts about blogging and vlogging and it’s really up to you which one is best for you as a start-up platform for your content creation journey. Always invest your time in finding topics that can create an impact on your readers and viewers. Content creation is fun and I witnessed a lot of things happening in my life when I choose this hobby and I earned much because of this making blogs. I really thought I can’t survive this journey because I am lacking in qualities of being a content creator. Learning is the only reason why I’m still making content.

The Aldrincore for the Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2020 Best Cebu Quaratine Article Category
The Aldrincore for the Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2020 Best Cebu Quarantine Article Category

Through this opportunity, I finally made it to the Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2020. Hopefully, I will win the Best Quarantine Article category, but being one of the finalists of BCBA is actually my greatest achievement so far. Well, let’s see how it goes. I trust God what his plan for me. Is it a sign or just a new chapter in the new normal era? The announcement of winners for Best Cebu Blogs Awards will be on December 4, 2020, at 5 PM on their website at


8 thoughts on “Blog or Vlog? My Thoughts About Content Creation

  1. As someone who is more comfortable writing than speaking in front of the camera, I prefer blogging. But that doesn’t mean I won’t explore taking videos of myself more often in the coming years. Content is evolving.

  2. Both are great. It matters on your convenience where you can express better. I tried blogging before but Englisshh gyud dmd. I transition to vlogging but editingggg. So ayun no choice sa vlogging cause I often have writer’s block.

  3. Actually, both can be great for you because your topics can be served well with writing and videos since it’s about art. You can video tutorials and at the same time, write about it or something else related to it. I want to go back to creating videos really. Maybe next year. Go for it, Drin!

  4. Huwowww so fit in the pics! Haha anyways, I felt the same with readability jud in WordPress. been working on it and luckily, i’m getting all greens najud intawn karon. 😍😍 And yes, congrats again for being a finalist for this year’s BCBA 🥳🥳

  5. I love both specially if you will know the story behind the content creators. Sa blog makita jud nimo kung unsa ka dedicated and isa ka writer while sa vlog sad makita sad nimo ang creativity sa Youtuber or vlogger hehe

  6. I love doing both! Though, I am not comfortable speaking in front of the camera, I really enjoy the editing process. Hahaha. I’ve been blogging since I was 18, and I know that I am not good with grammar but I do really enjoy sharing bits and pieces of my life with others. 🙂

  7. Blog or vlog. For me, I always go back to the reason why I am creating contents. Since then, I love writing and expressing my psychedelic thoughts way back 2010 when I was writing for a British publishing company. Then everything happened on 2013 when I got nominated in BCBA for Best Travel Blog, received an invitation for Kerala Tour in India and so on. So going back, whether you blog or vlog, always follow what you love and let it a tool to inspire others! Congrats on the nomination! Keep blogging and vlogging!

  8. In 2015, I started blogging just to promote activities for our organization. It’s also a way to document our activities. Then I joined a blogging community in Cebu and had the experience to cover events. At that time, I was still learning while at the same time formed a network. Through the community, I developed the love of reading blog articles and thoughts from other bloggers. After graduating in college, I became busy and occupied with my job. I stopped blogging for more than two years, but I always knew that I love to blog even if there are still more rooms for improvement. Luckily in 2020, I’m back and wanted to keep this momentum to advance my blogging experience in spite of so many things that happened this year. Someday, I will venture in Vlogging to expand my reach. But right now, I need to develop a habit and improve my commitment to content creation. Blog articles like this truly help me a lot.

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