The Art of Cooking Vegetables

Eating nutritious foods is beneficial to our body and health. Vegetables and fruits are part of human daily consumption. In every cultural activity across the globe, veggies are largely defined as part of a culinary tradition. Somehow, eating vegetables has a great source of vitamins and minerals that can boost our immune and digestive system. That’s why I really love to eat vegan dishes.

Last 26th of March 2017, I was invited by Enrique Felisario of Rainbow Playroom to join their Vegetables Cooking Workshop. I was very excited about that day and I really prepared for a possible lecture because I want to take down notes, especially when it comes to food preparation and ingredients. The workshop was hosted by Malou Espaldon at her house at 8 Rahmann Extension, Cebu City near Azia Suites & Residences. The first part of the workshop was they talked about the essence of having a balanced life through organic cooking. Nowadays, we forgot to balance our diet and we consumed more on eating meat, processed foods and even our favorite fast food products.

Cooking Time! 

Dolly Aspiras, one of the speakers, was demonstrated the first vegan dish which is Vegetable Binagoongan, a good replacement for anchovies or shrimp paste. They used grated coconut meat or kinudkod nga lubi in bisaya dialect as a substitute for shrimp. Other ingredients are; vegetable oil, black beans, tomatoes, sliced ginger, dried seaweed, pepper, mushroom seasoning, sliced chili pepper sword and brown sugar. The grated coconut is a good source of fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Ms. Dolly was able to put all the ingredients one-by-one in a pre-heated pan and she started to explain the process. After that, we able to taste it and everybody were amazed.

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My first impression was I really amazed by the flavor. It’s almost the same with the traditional cooked shrimp paste that most Filipinos are love with and the good thing it’s totally 100% vegetables. Other vegetable foods demonstrated are Fried Coated Banana Bud or Puso ng Saging, Puso ng Saging Burger Patty, and the Ginataang Tofu in Seaweed Wrap and Cabbage cooked by Janet Fajardo. The last part of the workshop has we had our dinner and we enjoyed the vegetable dishes that cooked during the workshop.




Taste Buds Alert

The combination of Vegetable anchovies and deep-fried Banana Bud Burger Patty was the tastiest food that I ever tasted! It was really good and I’m highly recommending to everyone to try it. I learned many things in the workshop like the food preparation, having a good and balanced life and the effect of eating meat and processed foods. Everything was very fun and I really enjoyed the benefits of cooking vegetables. The creativity of cooking vegetable is a nice thing that everyone can have. It’s an overflowing of goodness if you try to love the vegan foods because you can save the mother earth, you can save the lives of animals and your body cleansed. Let’s cook and eat vegetables now!



For the recipe, you may contact Enrique Felisario or Dolly Aspiras.

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