The 2018 Was A Great Year (My Year Ender Blog)

Being a small creator was a hard challenge because I need to give all my best to provide content that can connect people and justify my thoughts in an abundant visualization. Although I gave my very best through blog, I was not really sure for my art and travel goals until the perfect time was coming to fulfill my dreams in 2018.


I still remember the day I went to Butuan and Surigao del Sur. I never imagine myself landed in a new place away from my family and hometown. My anxiety was my main reason why I can’t fulfill my goal to travel. I want to get out of those mind manifestations and push myself to go beyond the limits. I’m still lucky to have my Mobile Perspective family, Herbert, and Dannea, who supported me in this journey.

I still remember the day when I proved myself that I am capable in a blogging world, which gave me doors to fulfill my goals in establishing relationships with different brands and people. I know that I’m not good at writing and the only thing that I can provide is my artistic talent to make visuals. Because of that, I built an incredible year of providing identity and a new phase for each content creator.

The most incredible part of this journey was actually the things that I dreamed last 2016. I still remember the illustrations that I made and it was an imaginative life event from my anxiety episodes. I learned how to make art that I can bring myself to the positive side of the world where I forgot the real situations. Most of my illustrations are self-portraits and visuals of other people in a peaceful land with a beautiful sunset, a warm afternoon with full of good memories. I can’t believe that I am able to display it on an art exhibit during the SM City Cebu’s Art For Everyone last August 2018. It was a very surreal thing for me to give a chance to showcase my stories. Also, I became one of the 12 artists who contributed artworks for 2019 Giving Journal of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Philippines. It was an incredible experience to showcase my talent in a cover artwork where everyone can see it. It was my dream to make an illustration for a book cover or in a journal month cover.

And lastly, I became great because I have my supportive friends who truly believe in my craft and vision. I considered it as a treasure that I can’t exchange for anything. I’ve been in a different circle of friends and I easily left behind. I’m still thankful for the new people that I met because I learned how to value it and understand diversity. I’m forever thankful to CJ, Carlo, Johanna, and Flip for the words of wisdom and life opportunity. I want to bring this life aspect to the highest point of my career because I need to look back the day when I started learning new things with you in C3.

I reached different miles and new experiences this year. I am so sad to finish my chapter for 2018, but I want to continue the legacy and career path in 2019. I am looking forward to traveling to new places in the Philippines and explore new cultures in Asian countries. I want to fulfill more opportunities in making illustrations and working with brands. And lastly, I want to see my new version at a maturity level.

Thank you so much, 2018! Hello, 2019!


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