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Renovate Your Room Aesthetics During Home Quarantine

It’s been a month and days since the ECQ or Enhanced Community Quarantine implemented in different cities and provinces in the Philippines. It is hard for us to go out and hang out somewhere because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Each day has new cases reason that the government is really strict about the policy of encouraging everyone to stay at home, except for those who have quarantine pass and maintain social distance.

There are times that we got bored inside our home. Most people spend more time watching Netflix series, dancing over the Tiktok app, or taking a lot of Instagram stories. Meanwhile, it is a perfect opportunity for creative people to showcase their artistic skills while on home quarantine through making art. Art is not only for creative people but also for everyone. We can express our own creative juice in different ways like sketching, painting, digital art, calligraphy, and art decoration.

In this blog, I am going to share with you my current hobby during my home quarantine. Three weeks ago, I was able to change my room color into something raw because having white walls inside my room is kind of boring sometimes. So I researched a lot of room ideas over Pinterest and Instagram. I saw a lot of minimalist room design that perfect for small spaces – to maximize the space and atmosphere at less cost. I want also to make my room into a concrete artsy style. That’s why I choose the color gray as the main color palette inside my room.

Day 1 – I painted the half portion of my room into gray. I used latex paint, so it will dry faster.


Day 2 – I added a tile effect on the left wall corner to give a unique accent like an unfinished wall.


Day 3 – I added a metal frame at the right side corner to hang my favorite clothes and shoes. I also added a small table with an artificial plant, framed artworks, and a wooden basket with coffee table books.


Day 4 – I arranged the other side of the wall with my art books and Instax pictures. I added an abaca string to hang my Instax pictures to make it artsier.


Day 5 – I decluttered my working table. I kept that very important stuff on my working table like pens, notebooks, working pad, and mini speaker.


My room renovation is perfectly designed for my daily lifestyle while on quarantine. There are a lot of room designs that can match to your room or to your lifestyle needs. Since you’re reading this blog, I am going to share with you some tips and ideas for you to get an idea on how to renovate your room aesthetics. So here are the different room aesthetics that can be matched to your lifestyle.

For Girls:

1.) Vivid Lush  – To make it more delicate, feminist, and smooth. It gives a youthful effect and comfort.

Source: https://www.housebeautiful.com/room-decorating/g20075522/teenage-bedroom-ideas/

2.) Boss Chic – To make it more expressive, vibrant, and adding confidence. Perfect for strong & independent woman. It gives an intimate atmosphere.

Source: https://casavogue.globo.com/Interiores/Decor-do-dia/noticia/2019/07/decor-do-dia-rosa-e-verde-no-escritorio.html

3.) VSCO Girl – To make it more fun, adventurous, and stylish. Adding LED or fairy lights and random artworks and Instax photos on the wall can make the room into extreme vibes.

Source: https://ladyscorpio101.com/products/zodiac-wheel-blanket?utm_source=Pinterest&utm_medium=Social

For Boys: 

1.) Minimal Guy – To make it more spacious and comfortable. Perfect for smart and cool guys. Adding shelves can maximize the space.

Source: https://www.apartmenttherapy.com/small-space-solutions-9-perfect-places-to-squeeze-in-shelves-239088?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=managed&crlt.pid=camp.Dlroay4SOmtk

2.) The Cave – To make it more convenient, expressive, and neutral. Perfect for a hobbyist like sports, music, and gamers. Similar to VSCO Gir, the main elements are the lights and random posters on the wall.

Source: https://www.dormify.com/products/moshpit-by-joe-goldberg?variant=18510470086771

3.) Rustic – To make it more industrial, eco-friendly, and raw. Don’t care too much about colors. The wood element is the highlight element. Perfect for working guys out there!

Source: https://myplans.co.za/bedroom-idea-690106411589792110/

You can explore different room ideas online. You are free to design your own room aesthetics as long as you’re feeling happy and confident about it. At this time of home quarantine, you can start improving your own space into something new and refreshing. I believe that if you have a good space to live, you have many things to do better. Improving your space makes you feel productive and inspired every day. Feel free to add your comments below and let’s discuss which room design ideas you want to achieve soon.

Content Creator & Illustrator from Cebu, Philippines.


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