My First Year In Cebu Content Creators: “The Home That I Deserved”.

Part of my personal blog is I want to write something very personal such as my past experiences, artistic thoughts and life hacks that I can create and influence other people. Blogging is one of the platforms that I grabbed as many opportunities for connecting people and businesses, and meet my expectations as an artist who can write and create video content. I am very proud to be part of engaging blogging group which entices me to do more quality content and that is C3 or Cebu Content Creators.

My First Experience with C3

Before we reached our 1st year in the digital industry, we’ve been engaged from different platforms and we created our pathways as content creators. I used to be an illustrator and I used Instagram to share my creative content and it was a good start to build my own network. When I introduced to Cebu Content Creators it was very confusing part because I am not a legit content creator who can blog or do a video blog. So I decided to create a blog page and I started writing random stuff like my personal stories and sort of reviews from my previous invites until I practiced my blogging skills through self-motivation to create a new platform.



My Challenges 

From these unexpected opportunities, all I can say is I am feeling grateful and blessed because I have Cebu Content Creators which served me as a new home which I really enjoyed for almost a year. I also experienced difficulties and challenges like I always asked about my existence in the group, but I have the spirit to continue because of the people who always support me.

It was so hard to manage my time between writing and doing art, but I still manage and prioritize my time for blogging, illustration, and freelance works. It was a rewarding feeling to publish a blog and posting artworks at the same time.


My Top 5 Lessons that I learned in C3

Joining a group or an organization can gain you more learnings and benefits, but is it enough to grow or to level up? In my own case, I enjoy the benefits of having good peers and improve my content through learning the things and experiences from my fellow content creators. So here are the top 5 lessons that I learned from C3.

1.) I practiced asking questions.

I can get reliable sources through asking questions like how things are done and what are those things might be efficient for creating good and quality content. I better ask random questions that are trying to figure out without filtering my sources.

2.) I learned to become a responsible content creator

I always follow the right conduct and the proper ways of providing quality content that safe, reliable, and authentic, even if it is a personal blog. As a responsible content creator, I should focus on the brighter side which I can tell about the positive feedback in order to gain positive outcomes on my blog post or in social media. The key is to inspire and influence other people.

3.) I learned to research

Research is one of the effective ways to create a quality content which I can study and familiarize my niche and other things that can support my knowledge and experience as a content creator. I do love the research thing as possible in order to deliver the right ways to create quality content.

4.) They changed my vision in life

I always have those artistic visions which I really wanted to #CreateXDominate (Create and Dominate), but I realized that I need to go further. At least I try to give a shot at blogging, so I can extend my network and engage more people and businesses.

5.) I gain Self-confidence

Just look at my Instagram account, you can see my improvements and that was the power of self-confidence.

Happy First Anniversary, Cebu Content Creator. Thank you so much for the second home that I truly deserved to be with. I am straightforward for more memorable experiences and learnings in the future.

Photo Credits: Rome Nicolas, Jullian Sibi, Carlo Olano, Wellbein Borja and Rea Alducente.

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