It’s Inktober Time! A Fun Challenge to draw something for the whole month of October.

Drawing is part of my daily habit. Wherever I go, I always bring my own sketchpad and pens. The most incredible thing would be fun and challenging drawing habit for the month of October because it’s Inktober time.

Brief History

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The Inktober was created by a designer, Jake Parker, was actually a personal project to improve his skills and develop a positive habit until the Inktober challenge became a sensation to others. The challenge has grown into a worldwide endeavor with thousands of professional artist and art enthusiasts taking on the Inktober challenge every year, preferably for the month of October.

The Mechanics

Here are the mechanics on how to join the Inktober Challenge.
1.) Make a drawing in ink (You can use a ballpoint pen, tech pens, gel pens and other writing pens that has an ink)
2.) Take a snap and post it on your social media accounts.
3.) Hashtag it with #Inktober
4.) Consistently repeat it every day until the last day of October

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The Ink-credible Challenge and Cause

It is a goal to make an effort for a challenge that can gain a self-confidence and potential to create better drawings. In this current time, social media has grown and thousands of people glued to their smartphones and can surf anything on the web. It is a right time to showcase your potential and creativity on creating a piece that can give you a shot.

I did my Inktober last year 2016 but I did not complete the challenge because of certain matters like freelance work and personal stuff. But still, I gain a lot of good comments from social media about my entries. This year, I should complete the Inktober 31 day challenge to post my doodle works.

One of my entries for Inktober Challenge 2016
One of my entries for Inktober Challenge 2016
One of my entries for Inktober Challenge 2016
One of my entries for Inktober Challenge 2016
One of my entries for Inktober Challenge 2016
One of my entries for Inktober Challenge 2016

The greatest cause to join this challenge would be the connection to other artists, designers, and ordinary people by communicating each other and sharing portfolio links and sample works. It is a bandwagon to encourage the people to step up and show their artistic side. All of us can draw, right?
It’s not easy to set a time for this challenge, but Inktober has a great sense for me right now. Drawing can help us go beyond the ideas that we have and we can make things possible because we draw right away. You could see your part by searching the #Inktober on the social media sites and be proud of taking part for it. Are you ready? Get a paper and ink pens and join the Inktober challenge now!


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