Vlog Episode 1: D.Y.I. A Decorative Card

Thinking about the perfect gift that less cost and originally made by you? Yes, really special Decor Card for your special someone. I made a D.I.Y. project which you will be able to create your own version of Decor Card using the backyard plant vines. Easy step for an easy presence!

Here are the materials you need to prepare; plant vines, old tree trunks, cardboard paper (A4), needle & thread, scissors, pencil, pens, and coloring pencils.

Just follow the step on my video blog for you to create your own personalized art deco card. You can draw or write a greeting or short message. Don’t forget to post it on social media with a hashtag #AMcore2017 or #LetsMakeCreativeThings

Content Creator & Illustrator from Cebu, Philippines.


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