Graphic Designer’s On Point: “What Else Can I Do Aside From Graphic Designing?”.

What Else Can I Do Aside From Graphic Designing? That’s my basic question during my college days. I took the fine arts course because I believe that it can improve my talent that might be my weapon to survive the real world after graduation. I got hired instantly after one month of job hunting after my graduation and worked as a Graphic Designer in a Food Business company. It was a life-changing experience to work and earn money through my skills in making graphic design. But knowing the perspective of this job title, so I asked myself again… What Else Can I Do Aside From Graphic Designing?

It is a generic term for us to be called Graphic Designer because we do graphic designs for brochures, flyers, logo, banner, and many more. Aside from that, we have many creative ideas that aren’t limited to any platforms. Surprisingly, we can do many things out of being a graphic designer that we can do as a living. So here are the possible key pointers of different responsibilities that Graphic Designers cand do.

1.) We can do illustrations

It is a long debate to distinguish Graphic Design and Illustration. Well, illustration can be traditional or in digital form. It is much expressive in doing illustration because of the number of elements and details for the specific scene that can be used as a visual story (also known as design harmony) to create an impact and visual direction on the particular illustration scene. The illustration is more meticulous in colors, lighting, and positioning of the main element.


2.) We can do Photography

Graphic Designers are passionate about photography which can be used as design material for brochures, website banners, and poster ads. We can do photography by knowing the right angles, composition, lighting, and also we capture emotions too through photographs.


3.) We can do Calligraphy

Part of being a Graphic Designer is to know more about typography for aesthetic designs. We can mix and match fonts or make an original typeface using designing software like Adobe. Some designers look for font designs as a reference and inspiration to make perfect calligraphy.

4.) We can do Visual Display

On a physical aspect of making art for people, Graphic Designers can do visual merchandising art by setting up a scene with products and mannequins in a window shop display. We are creative in playing around materials to interpret stories and messages for a campaign to gain customers.

5.) We can be Businessmen

Entrepreneurship is one of our ultimate goals before we reach our 40. Through business, we can establish our own vision and goals that can generate income and revenues and hire more people to help your business grow. From the perspective of Graphic Designers, we have the same goals of putting a bigger picture that can generate income through creative visions and plans in the future. Creative Industry is one of the high-demand businesses that can provide better service in digital platforms like advertising, social media management, and entertainment. Aside from that, the creative industry is sustainable for all. That’s why being a Graphic Designer is a great privilege to start your journey in making a platform that can sustain your goals and your endeavors.

I know that Graphic Designing is not for all. If you wish to be a Graphic Designer, you have to find your passion in the creative industry and start learning new things on the web. You don’t need to rush things because everything takes time. The point of being a Graphic Designer is we can do more like others.


6 responses to “Graphic Designer’s On Point: “What Else Can I Do Aside From Graphic Designing?”.”

  1. Rome Nicolas Avatar

    Bes, I’ve always been a fan of what you do and your art. I hope we can collaborate together on projects that help us both grow and I can help you get the things you need in life. Char.

  2. Marco Yambao Avatar
    Marco Yambao

    I agree with all that you said here kay as far as I can see, most graphic designers that I know including you can be anyone from the list above. 😍

  3. Roneth Politud Avatar

    I really want to be a Graphic Designer but my practicality (on all things) overshadow my creativity. HAHAHA. But I am happy you created this list and it gives me hope and other options to venture. Thanks Drin! 🙂

  4. Angel Villamor Avatar

    Agree! Indeed, there is no limit what an artist can do or generally, people who aspire to become successful. As I mentioned before, I am always awestruck to people who works using their creative and imaginative minds. How do they do that? Anyway, as always, Aldrin, I wouldn’t leave your blog without learning something new.

  5. Maurice Jitty Villaester Avatar

    It so frustrating to see how some people undermine graphic designers like you. They say that it’s easy to do, so why can’t they do it? I’m just glad that more and more people have seen your struggles. Please continue to create some awesome content!

  6. Reck Adventures Avatar

    I didn’t expect this “4.) We can do Visual Display”. My goal before is to become an interior designer but there’s no available course in our place. You know what, this is my dream job before. I wanted to create interior designs particularly to shops, malls, even houses and hotels. It’s cool for me. I can express myself through my designs and masterpieces.

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