Easy & Effective Homemade Fertilizers For Your Plants

As we all know that plants need proper care by providing them a good soil mixture, water, and sunlight. These are the basic components that plants need to survive. However, we have these high hopes that we look forward to seeing them grow faster every day. We cannot predict which area needs to work on in able to maintain and sustain plant growth. So I made this blog to introduce the magical effect of fertilizers for your plant’s needs.

What Fertilizer Is Use For?

Fertilizer is one of the important components of plant care. The effect of fertilizers on plants is to give the necessary nutrients for growth and survival. There are many types of fertilizers available in the market. Some are made from natural ingredients that can be found in our surroundings and other fertilizers are chemical-made. Some farmers used chemical fertilizers to maintain plant growth and production. Chemical-based fertilizers can provide synthetic complete macronutrients to fights pests and diseases. Some areas of the farming industry prefer to use natural fertilizer to maintain the quality of crops and some people say that natural fertilizers are much healthier to consume.

Plants became a phenomenon during the pandemic crisis. Some people became plant parents in order to cope with their minds into something productive. That’s why the demand for planting products is getting higher. A lot of people complaining that planting products are too expensive right now, but there are areas that plant products are at the same cost even before the pandemic crisis happen. The fun fact is we can create our own fertilizer for our houseplants at a low budget or nothing at all.

Make Your Own Garden Fertilizers At Home

Alternative fertilizers are one of the latest trends for Plantitos and Plantitas out there! To be honest, I became conscious about plants months ago because I was much excited to see them growing fast. However, being desperate is not a guarantee for plant care. I learned that plant care takes time. There are particular areas in plant care that we need to wait patiently and that is the growth. The miracle effect of putting the right amount of fertilizer for your plants is to provide a necessary nutrient for plant growth. Meaning, plant growth really depends on the effect of fertilizer on your plants. Everything depends on the innermost of your plants and those are soil and root system.

So let’s shortcut the discussion about alternative garden fertilizers that you can make at home.


Easy Homemade Garden Fertilizers

Just look around at your kitchen and backyard when you try to make your own garden fertilizers. This blog will help you make an alternative way of making garden fertilizers for your houseplants. So here we go!

Kitchen Scraps

Don’t throw your kitchen scraps ahead in the trash can. You might be like to cook vegetables in order to make your own fertilizer at home. Composting kitchen scraps is absolutely an alternative way to create organic fertilizer for your plants. A good compost releases nutrients slowly can go for a year without reapplying for fertilizer. Compost helps for maintaining soil moisture, which is essential for crops like vegetables and fruits during the hot season. This process is also an alternative to chemical-based slow-release fertilizers.

Cow or Horse Manure

Manure is high in nitrogen and other nutrients for your plants. However, manure is highly acidic and may actually have more nutrients than your plant’s need. So the proper amount of manure to your plant is highly recommended, so it will not burn your plants if you put too much on it.

Coffee Grounds

As we all know that coffee can give us alive, right? We cannot blame coffee addicts to sip more cups of coffee every day. Don’t throw away the excess coffee grounds from your coffee-making machine because it can give benefits to your houseplants. Putting coffee grounds as a top dressing for your houseplants will provide essential nutrients like nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus, plus other micronutrients for plant growth benefits.

Banana Peels

Banana Peel is simply beneficial for your houseplants. Just bury the chopped banana peels into the soil of your houseplants. Banana peel builds up the organic matter that will attract worms in the soil. As we all know that banana is a good source of potassium and it will provide the proper growth for your houseplants.


Eggshells are rich in calcium know for its amazing property to strengthening our bones and good posture. Plants need calcium for plant growth too. Putting extra eggshells on the top layer may help your plants grow fast. This alternative fertilizer is suitable for vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and spinach. Don’t try to pour milk to your plants as an alternative fertilizer with calcium benefit because it will die due to bacteria and black rot. Much better to use eggshells as a fertilizer as a calcium benefit agent for your houseplants and crop plants.

Alternative garden fertilizers are organic and it is a sustainable way of proving necessary nutrients for your houseplants. This method also helps to lessen our household garbages as a part of decreasing our carbon footprints to fight climate change and to help reduce waste in the community. Using these alternative garden fertilizers will protect your plants from being over-fertilized. Using chemical fertilizers are also safe and effective. It is a choice which one is suitable for your plants. This pandemic made us experts when it comes to planting. So we have different beliefs and practices when it comes to plant care. If your method is more effective, well just maintain it as beneficial for your plants too.  Experimenting is a risk for your plants. Try to research and be patient about the progress of plant growth. As I said, everything takes time. I really thought my Monstera Adansonii can’t survive at first, but I learned proper ways by asking someone for help. You can do it!


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  1. Always loved that we do learn a lot about plants from your write-ups. Not really collecting plants but I’m also considering it soon and will go back to your tips once it’s the time na 😍

  2. Whoa! I usually use banana peelings for my mom’s plants except for cow manure which difficult for us to find. Now I know why they place eggshells for orchids or plants, they are fertilizers! Hehehe! Thanks for this, Aldrin!

  3. You’re a plantito to another level when you start talking about fertilizers and alternatives to grow your plants. The next thing here is “Where to buy gardening tools and pots”. Hahaha. Then soon, you will be an avid fan of Ace Hardware and Home Depot. By the way, you can ask Batong about organic fertilizer through Bokashi composting. I gave her my equipment for making one that I have got from the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF).

  4. Humaygoodness! I keep throwing my coffee ground, banana peels and eggshells!!! Thanks for this aldrin. I was wondering in the past few days where I can buy fertilizers. Little did I know I keep throwing it everyday! Ghaaaddd Salamat!

  5. Wow! I was just talking about this yesterday with my mom. I accidentally grew a bunch of tomatoes and Im determined to nurture them. Yesterday, I was asking her what I should do to make sure they don’t die on me and she mentioned about some natural fertilizers we can actually made from home.

  6. I find it interesting that there are a lot of things that Mother Nature provides that can help us grow more plants that can help it. Here’s hoping more people know about this so we can grow plants and someday grow our own food source!

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