Battling your Tightest Deadline, as Designer

“Lazy guy like me can be more productive by setting up a time to do more things.”

I do believe that I’m not the only one who had tight deadlines that surpassed in a week, in a month or in a year. All of us has ultimate goals to finish the remaining tasks that still pending in our list. Just say it’s kind of frustrating to know that it was already 9:00 AM and you have to submit the final output before 10:00 AM and you already know that it’s not finished yet because you have to execute the details from the client’s brief.

Typical lazy guy, like me, would be panic and running out of ideas to complete the details and surely it would affect your ego and determination to finish the whole thing or else it’s a choice to submit it ahead whether it’s perfectly executed or hiddenly messed and cluttered.

To be able to figure out on how we should beat the tightest deadline that we have, here are my personal key points on how to be a great warrior on battling the tight deadlines.

1.) Are you enjoying your free time? 

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We used to sleep about 6 to 8 hours a day. We eat our breakfast for at least 30 minutes or 1 hour if you enjoyed watching TV news or reading a newspaper. Then, it was limitless to our hygiene session, which we take a bath, tooth brushing, shaving, applying deodorant and moisturizers in our body, and much more. Then, we still enjoy tapping our smartphone to view the social media news feeds and emails.


We must set aside or plan our time so that we can perform smoothly our daily task, especially in dealing with those tight deadlines. Time is running and the client is waiting also. It’s just a ticking clock that we have to jive our routine and we must be mindful of setting priorities so that it’s easy to make things and you can still enjoy your free time after.

2.) Is time makes you more conscious? 

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Budgeting your time is the most tiring moment of dealing with tight deadlines. You are confused to allocate some personal space because it can trigger your personal goal to complete the task.


It’s okay to set a time for your task and personal space, but it really depends on how you feel about it. Most of the time we spent, it has time to make a decision to stop in a while to break or keep a peaceful mind in a few moments in able to escape from exhausting works. You must try to allocate at least 30 minute allowance in your time management in a specific project so that it makes you easier to perform the task and you can research or take those extended time to perform or execute wisely the detailed part of the project.

3.) Is social media affects you all the time?

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We are living in this world that most of us are attached to social media. Nowadays, we spent more time in browsing the internet and socialized friends in our social media accounts. But the trigger side about it is we enjoyed longer in browsing and interacting with the online world.


We used to communicate our friends online. Let’s try to make a little sacrifice in a while in able to perform well the pending projects that really in our highest priority by switching off the internet connection in an hour and be right back after you finished the task. But always remember that in every sacrifice has a greater prize. Well, it’s up to you.

4.) Is it very serious to do it?

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As a different or a defensive part for No.3, it’s really boring to think about having an internet disconnection in a while. Yes, it’s not really easy to stay away from the online world. But there’s a way to beat it in a while.


Try to listen to some music that you loved or bring some foods to your table. Listening music and eating goodies can help you more productive and concentrate on finishing the task. That’s why most of the workaholic designers have big tummies or having a belly fat blues. But you can’t have it by simply exercising every morning and drink a lot of water to eliminate the excess fats.

“Patience can bring us to Success.”

The key points that I wrote are based on my personal experiences and real-life encounters. We have different ways and styles to deal with tight deadlines. But the most important lesson for this topic is to keep PATIENCE in every change, especially in client’s decisions. But at the end of the day, it would be great if you performed it well and perfectly executed.

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