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Let’s #CreateXDominate. The Aldrincore is a personal blog of Aldrin Suan, a freelance illustrator and content creator in Cebu. The blog was established last June 2017 and became a proud member of Cebu Content Creator, a dynamic group of Cebu-based bloggers, video creators, and social media creators and micro-influencers.



Audio: “Peach Pit“by Peach Pit | Sweet FA
Source: https://soundcloud.com/eatshitpeachpit/peach-pit

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“Lutong Bahay” or Home-cooked dishes are part of our tradition which we can present and serve the best food for every important occasion and celebration for every Filipino family across
Imagine, we can spend a lot of savings on personal goals and leisure because we’re still active and too far from being responsible and facing the adulthood stage. We are
AMTour, Review
Being a small creator was a hard challenge because I need to give all my best to provide content that can connect people and justify my thoughts in an abundant
Last November 21, 2018, The Rustan’shosted a visual arts exhibition for a cause featuring the works of three “Kwadrado” artists from Butuan on the third floor of Rustan’s Home Department.